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Kids backlash against Michelle Obama’s Lunch Program

November 23, 2014 |



















I have to laugh at the Twitter backlash from school aged children and their Obama lunches.  I’ve seen some of the pictures of what is supposed to pass as food.  Frankly, I wouldn’t try to feed that stuff to a dog, let alone kids.

But as is always the case with nanny state know-better-ness – Michelle’s healthy lunch program is great on paper and an absolute dismal catastrophe in practice.

One such photo shows something that is supposed to be an entrée, that can only be described as snot colored mush.  Oh and an apple.   The school lunch pictures make airplane food look like it was cooked at a 5 star resort.  Another looks like macaroni and cheese, or it’s supposed to be, but the cheese part looks more like liquid glue.  My personal favorite is something that I can’t really say for sure what it is, but it looks like microwaved jellyfish or maybe it’s week old oatmeal.  Who knows.

While her husband messes around with the constitution and his short game and her own kids eat prime rib lunches at their private school – Queen Michelle handed down an edict that requires schools to only serve healthy food choices.  Never mind that nobody voted this woman into any position of power.  The Obamas don’t let little things like that get in the way of ramrodding their belief system on the rest of the country.

And so it goes.  Gross looking food and kids with cell phones makes for fun reading.  The merriment even has its own hashtag #thanksmichelleobama

I can’t wait to see what their Christmas themed lunches will look like.  Green undercooked mash potatoes perhaps?  A sliver of turkey jerky minus the salt?  One can only wait with baited breath and enjoy the Facebook and Twitter feeds of grossed out teens and their cellphone picture protests.

Hopefully some entrepreneurial kids will go and buy a few coolers and pizza heat pouches.  They could make a deal with the local pizza or burger joint.  I suspect that one would only need to park their beat up old car a few feet away from school property and do a resounding resale business out of their back seat.

Either way, this Lunch Shaming is a worthy protest.  And who says our kids don’t know anything about democracy.



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