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Don’t Be A Hero…

October 16, 2013 |

woman sneezingI have to admit it, I’m a bit of a germaphobe.  I positively hate when people sneeze or cough close to me.  I absolutely detest when people who are clearly sick with cold or flu, continue to float around in public, thinking it’s ok to inflict their infection on others.

The northern hemisphere is heading into winter, which means cold and flu season.  It also means that I will have various bottles of hand sanitizer within reach of my work environment, in my car and also in my carry bag.  It also means I grit my teeth when I see people needlessly spreading their damn germs around.

Here’s the thing – I see so many people out and about with a cold who should just stay the heck at home.  Do you really need to go into that store and spread your germs to the cashier?  Or the next five people who have the misfortune of touching the same items as you have?  What about that poor shmuck who hasn’t been on a fly away vacation in five years and you’ve just infected him, just in time to ruin his long waited vacation?  Do you really think you have the right to spoil his vacation and make him sick as a dog with a cold, because you need a bloody bottle of ketchup?

Don’t feel sorry for someone flying to the Caribbean? Ok then, what about the single mom who waits tables to make ends meet and simply does not have something called  sick leave?  What about the spouse who is in cancer treatment or is in hospital and won’t be able to visit because they will potentially cause life threatening lung issues?

This year, let’s do everyone a favor –   If you really, really must go to work or hit the drug store, do like many Asian countries do and wear a mask to cover your mouth and nose.  And for the rest -STAY HOME!  Nobody wants your germs!


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