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About Me

After 50 some years on the planet, I figure I have learned a thing or two.   I started out this life, as a somewhat small L social Liberal, but I’ve always held a strong fiscal conservative point of view.

As the years went by, being a Liberal has morphed into what I call: uber-socialist.  It’s social leanings have turned into a politically correct quagmire of silliness.

Left behind is very little of what was once the 60’s and 70’s liberalism.  So yes, while, I’m pro-choice, pro-end of life, and even lean towards libertarian in many of my beliefs, I remain primarily conservative.  Conservative with a twist, I call it.  With that, I warn my conservative minded friends, don’t be surprised if some of my opinions fly in the face of traditional conservatism.

Hopefully as you follow my opinions, my comments and even some of my rants, you’ll enjoy the point of view I put forward.  I don’t expect everyone to agree with me (what fun would that be?), but hopefully I put forth some ideas that are uniquely mine and add something productive to the dialogue.