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Algonquin College cozies up to Saudi Arabia

November 21, 2013 |

jazan algonquin college campus saudi arabiaIn their infinite wisdom, the higher ups of a provincially funded college think it’s perfectly acceptable to open up a satellite college campus in Jazan, Saudi Arabia.

Yes, this is the same place where women are not allowed to drive.  This is the same place where if you are a woman and a non relative man walks into a room, you must exit.  This is the same place where women must have their husband’s permission to leave the home, go to work, or even go to school, if they are allowed to attend at all.

This is the same place where financing terrorist groups seems to be a favorite hobby of those in the kingdom who hold the purse strings.

Am I the only one who sees a problem with this?

Why would we, in a country where we value equal rights, think this is acceptable?

The CBC reported:

Algonquin College has been working for the past four years in Saudi Arabia, providing educational services through an outside company. In that time it has trained several hundred Saudi male students in electrical engineering or industrial millwright technology, as well as teaching them basic English skill

Several hundred MALE students.

“We’re in a country that does not share any of our core values,” said professor Jack Wilson to the CBC.

It is important to note that Algonquin applied to open a woman’s college, but was denied.

Shame on Algonquin College and all those involved.  There are many other areas of the world would could have benefited by having a top notch campus.

We should not check our brains and our morals and our belief for equal rights, for human dignity, at the door.  Especially when that door is being held opened by those who have such distain for our way of life and our regard for equality between the sexes.



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