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Another Pit-bull Attack

April 29, 2014 |


dog-attackAnother child has been harmed by a Pit-bull dog.  Not just bitten once, but randomly attacked where the dog repeatedly chewed on this child’s face.

The problem I have with owners and defenders of this breed is their unrealistic and their conceited belief that they are somehow brilliant dog whisperers or in other cases, they need to prove they are special because they can somehow rule over a dangerous breed.

It’s an exercise in denial idiocy by these delusional owners and Pit-bull defenders.  There are a set of people who have a mindset that believe they somehow are special and extraordinary by owning these dogs.  More often than not, they’re just plain self-deluding imbeciles with no discernible or actual talent in dealing with dogs who have aggression issues or known breeds who have well documented behavioral problems.  They possess neither the training, NOR the talent to deal with breeds of dogs who have been bred through the generations to have mauling and aggressive tendencies.

Of course when bad things happen, there are the usual cries from the defenders that their Pit is a sweetheart and a pussy cat and it’s only bad owners who are responsible.  I akin this to terrible drivers and karaoke singers.  Many drivers think they are safe and responsible, but aren’t.  Go into a karaoke bar and see how many people have convinced themselves that they are brilliant singers – same principle applies here because such is the conditioning of humans.  They believe they are “good” at what they do, when in fact, they are anything but.  Many of the Pit-bull owners are simply sitting on time bombs and whistling past the graveyard.

Add to it the condition of little man syndrome with the owners of these dogs – trying to show that they are particularly up to the challenge of managing a dangerous animal and all the perceived status that supposedly comes with it.   It is an ego-maniac type of thinking that puts their own safety, but more so,  the safety of others and other people’s animals at risk.

So back to the the case of this 14 month old child who had her face chomped on repeatedly by yet another Pit-bull, in this latest attack.  While it’s being reported that this family took in this dog in order to try to rehabilitate it, again it shows the Pollyanna belief that some people think they are so special and so adept at dog training skills that they can take on retraining a dog with problems.

That delusion has now imposed it’s cost on a 14 month old child who will most likely be permanently scarred and it’s imposed a death sentence on a dog who could have been properly assessed and may in fact had a chance to be rehabilitated if handled by actual professionals.  Rarely do these “do-gooders” ever think past their own ego.  Nor do they realize that their inevitable failure is going to be a certain death sentence to the problem animal in question.

In many jurisdictions, the Pit-bull is banned, however there seems to be very little in the way of enforcing the law.  That is in itself part of the problem.  For the rest, where owning these time bombs is still within the law, I wish someone in power would have the balls to force Pit-bull owners to put up liability insurance BEFORE they own their dog.  If they don’t hold insurance, hammer them with a $10,000 fine.

Let’s see how many of these so called brilliant Pit-bull owners would THEN put their money where their mouths are.  Let’s see how many of the defenders would be willing to still own that type of dog if they had to put their hands in their pockets and fork over a grand a year for liability insurance.  I suspect… not many.  And in my book, that not only makes them hypocrites, but very dangerous and delusional hypocrites.


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