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Anti-Rob Ford protests draw the usual suspects

November 16, 2013 |

Anti Ford Slogans Attrib_chronicalheraldAs the circus surrounding Rob Ford continues in full view of the world, another circus has unravelled outside.  Activists, sanctimonious NDPers and Liberals, anyone else who hates Rob Ford’s guts for his political agenda, and other general conservative hating antagonists gathered in Nathan Phillips Square and at City Hall to protest,   They proceeded to write slogans and basically deface public property.  All in the name of ousting the devil incarnate.

How righteous of them.

They are chanting for Ford to resign.  He is a disgrace.  Has broken the law.   Uh, is not defacing public property also against the law?  I guess it’s alright, as long as it’s done by the chosen, the specially anointed, those on the left.

Do these folks not work?  It looks like a lot of them have way too much free time on their hands.

And speaking of doing time,…another circus side show occurred at Queens Park as the Premier NON-elect (who’s office is under criminal investigation for breaking the law – aka deleting emails) actually had the audacity to stand at the podium in all her hypocritical glory, proclaiming to care so much about Toronto and the rule of law.  She and her liberal cronies have to be the most revolting bunch of charlatans that Ontario has ever seen.

I really do want to comment further on the McWinnty Liberal hypocrisy, their mess and their criminal investigations, but right now I found her display so incredibly nauseating, I have to go find some pepto.


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