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The Arrogance of Bob Chiarelli

November 28, 2013 |

bobchiarelli_attrib_fightyourticketAs the Ontario Liberal Party continues to tout its Green Energy Policy and its big warm fuzzy slogan of Clean, Reliable … AFFORDABLE energy, Bob Chiarelli, Energy Minister has the audacity to tell the beleaguered Hydro Payers of Ontario to tighten their belts and curb their ways.

How precious is that?

As this tax and spend aficionado and his gang of Liberal fraudsteres sell our power, yes OUR power to New York and Quebec for less than it costs us to produce, he is effectively waging war on the already over taxed, over charged families of this province.  So while the state of New York and Quebec buys our power at a high discount, or we sometimes have to give it away for FREE, yes, FREE – he thinks it is perfectly OK for his own constituents to pay more.  A lot more.  We must all fall in line with the Liberal progressive economics.  Even if the economics make absolutely no sense.

When exactly should the young mom do her laundry Bob?  After midnight?  When the rates are less?  To hell with sleep, right? Alright kids, no dinner for you until after 7pm, no bath or hot water use until midnight.  Sorry Johnny, no toast for you if you wake up after 5:30 am.  Sorry grandpa, heat your house from midnight to 6 am and wear two sweaters.  Being comfortable in your elder years is over rated. Don’t like it?  Too bad.

What he neglected to say during the roll out of this ridiculous empowerme website is that we often have a surplus of power, which we have to sell at a discount or give away.  What he also neglects to say is their hemorrhaging Energy policy actually pays windmill and solar producers NOT to produce energy.  Oh yeah, and he wants us all to forget that we in Ontario will also include having to pay the core of the 1 billion dollars for the gas plant debacle in one form or another.

So while the McWynnty windmills turn in their minds and drive factories out of the province in droves (and the jobs that go with them), he and his fellow Liberals want everyone to work harder to use their power during peaksaver hours.   Conserve all that energy folks, so we can sell it at a loss. Lower your consumption and try to keep a few bucks in your pocket so we can pick it later with yet another future non controllable surcharge on your hydro bill.

What will this one be called? Debt retirement?  Nope, you’re getting dinged for that.  Arbitrary delivery charge?  Nope, taken.  Global adjustment charge?  Nope also taken.

Provincial Hydro Levy?   I probably shouldn’t give them any ideas.  I don’t think “Liberal Grease Palms Fund” is taken or that they’d have the decency to be honest about the name.  Don’t worry though, they’ll come up with a pretty name so we peons can unwillingly repay the billions lost by their absolute mismanagement of Ontario in the last 9 years.


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  1. haselcheck says:

    Last time I checked it was the McWynnity Liberals and Bob Chiarelli that created this energy CLUSTERF^CK !!!