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B.C. school bans kindergarten students from touch

November 5, 2013 |

Kids at school touch ban

In the la la land of ever growing politically correct loons, some self important, overzealous rule maker has decided that a zero tolerance “no touch” policy in the school yard is warranted for children’s safety.

What brought this on?  Of course, the most heinous of crimes: children playing tag, playing imaginary swashbucklers, and gasp – holding hands.  Seriously.  Holding hands.

So you’re going tell 4 and 5 year old children –  Don’t touch each other.  Don’t hold hands.  (Other schools by the way have no best friend policies.)  More loons making rules banning whatever flavor du jour.

Gone are the days where little budding friendships, often lifelong friendships, were made because one child reached out to another by offering to hold their hand.   Gone are the days where little boys can learn the art of good-natured play, active play. It’s through that active play that children learn the important lesson of self restraint during play.  If left to their own devices, or with gentle reminders to “play gently”, kids learn that very important lesson of self restraint.  Banning that kind of play and the lessons learned from it, is just plain dumb.

Never mind another important lesson, kindness.  Gone are the days where the simple act of kindness from one child to another, offering friendship, offering to be included, should be banished from the environment.   And this environment is a school.  You know, that place where education and learning skills and life lessons are supposed to be fostered?

So what are we teaching our children instead? Insulate yourself.  Live in a bubble.  Defer to authority no matter how abhorrent and ridiculous the rule.  Allow those in authority to ban anything and everything for which they are either too lazy or unimaginative to bother to use their own brains to fix.

In my mind, banning things is nothing more than an adult temper tantrum by a self important dolt.   They shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a school yard, never mind making school yard rules.


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