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July 6, 2014 |

jailCC_meeshI’ve been reluctant to wade into this whole Bernardo marrying nonsense, but alas, it’s bugged me enough to finally sit down and record my thoughts.

Are we nuts in this country, or what?

This notorious subhuman is in prison for the murder of 2 young girls, and is said to be responsible for the rapes of many women in the Toronto and surrounding areas.  And that is just the stuff we know about.  Are there more? Who knows and we may never know.

What I do know is that when someone is sent to prison, the concept in part, is to provide a level of safety to the public at large and prevent the criminal from continuing to interact with society.  This removal from society is to prevent them from perpetrating further ills against said society.  We also have “dangerous offender” status to further drive the point home that certain people in jail are a special kind of menace to society.  This guy is such a menace.

So it is to wonder.  If prison is in part to prevent a criminal from further inflicting menace to a population, why then are they allowed to do so via email, letters and other methods of communication to the outside world?  Is that not still interacting with society at large, and by definition still putting society at risk? One would normally think so.

Psychopaths and sociopaths are by their very nature, always looking for their next “mark”, their next victim or unwilling participant in their schemes du jour.  Knowing this, why then are convicted criminals of known pathologies still allowed to contact the outside world in order to continue with their antisocial and pathological behavior?

At the very least, going to prison does in principle, serves to take away the freedoms of convicted felons and remove them from society for society’s protection.  Should it then by default, also make sense that it would and should include eliminating the felon’s freedom to interact with society at large via email, and other forms of communication?

Society deserves to be protected from the likes of this menace, and others who will undoubtedly try to follow in his footsteps.  We may never eliminate serial killers from our society, but at the very least, we should do everything necessary to insure, that once they are caught and convicted, their freedoms and thus ability to inflict any type of further menace on society,… by ANY MEANS, is locked away and prevented as well.


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