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Blind Adherence To Rules

March 26, 2014 |

therulesIn Colorado, a young girl did something that most of us would not have the courage to do.  She shaved her head in solidarity with her best friend – who had lost her hair due to chemo therapy.  For her generous and brave show of both compassion and friendship, she was told she was not allowed to attend classes.   Her crime? – she did not comply with blind adherence to the rules.

The big brains who are entrusted with enforcing the rules, told her that she was not allowed to come to class “like that”.  It broke “the rules”.    This troubling rule enforcement and unwavering application of the rules is becoming far too frequent.

Those in the Colorado school who blindly applied this rule should not be in the positions of “power”.  Any power.  Problem is, that there are far too many dictatorial, power hungry people like this infiltrating every aspect of our lives. These types seem to annoyingly manage to maneuver themselves into positions of power on both a small and large scale.  What’s blatantly obvious is that in their minds, common sense should be thrown out the window and in it’s place should be the necessity to enforce their blind reverence and thus, unwavering adherence to the rules.  That application trumps even the most obvious of simplistic common sense.

Beyond the stupidity of this type of person in a position that should not hold, these same type of autocrats persistently inflict their very rigid submission to “the rules” on the rest of us.  This brave young girl and her brave friend is just the most recent instance of those who get caught in such a net.

It is only when the school in Junction Colorado was called out on Facebook and the media clearly pointed out the asinine behavior of those enforcing “the rules”, did they lift their firmly dug heels and reverse their decision.

On a broad scale, it makes one wonder why anyone would stand so firm on such a blind, often belligerent adherence instead of applying a modicum of common sense to any given situation?  Let’s make no mistake – those who hold that tightly to their rule book, usually have a vested interest in enforcing and stretching their power – no matter how ridiculously it’s applied.  It’s a structure where they feel it’s THEIR personal power and any rebuff of those rules is a direct challenge to them as a person, on all levels.  It’s a lunacy applied by autocrat type bullies who will hide behind “their rules” to make themselves feel important.  They will hide behind the rules when it suits them (usually when they do not want to take responsibility for their inaction, or hypocrisy) and will require strict application of the rules when their position of power is threatened in any way, shape or form.

One doesn’t not have to look too far to find other instances – In recent months, a child died because the rules enforcers refused to allow a child to keep his asthma medication in his pocket.  A child in Canada gets suspended from daycare for accidentally bringing in a cheese sandwich in sealed bag. In recent weeks, yet another child gets suspended from school for taking away a razor blade from another child who was trying to cause self-harm.  An action of a hero gets the girl suspended.  Ah the sacred rules, one must always follow the sacred rules.

Until those of us with common sense start speaking up and exposing these totalitarian idiots at every opportunity, they will continue to incrementally try to squash every instance of common sense that should be applied.   We are NOT their lemmings and bots to be controlled and corralled, nor should any of us be required to simply point to a rule and not use our brains.  Good on the young ladies in Colorado for giving us a glaring example of what we can and should be as thinking and caring human beings.


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