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Brian Mulroney Yet Again.

September 6, 2014 |

ottawapar_attrib_anatravelsOh lucky us.  Brian Mulroney graced us with his illustrious presence this week, to of course warn us and explain to us about Captain Canada Junior and why Canada wants to see a change in government.  This makes news of course.  Why?  Well the left leaning media will grasp on to anything that is anti-Harper.  Even if that comes from someone who is more hated than Harper, Mike Harris and George Bush all rolled into one.  Well, maybe not George W, but you get what I’m saying.

I have a bit of news for ya Brian.  Nobody cares!  Nobody cares about what you have to say.  Another news flash for ya there Brian, even most conservatives cringe when they hear your name.  Why?  Because you’re annoying and extraneous. Many consider you a blight on the history of Conservative politics and most conservatives would just rather forget you ever existed.

What isn’t forgotten however is that you gave us the Blockheads from the Quebecois nationalists – did you not have enough savvy to know they were using you as a useful idiot?  Did you not realize you were playing footsie with a bunch of Judases?  Or was it that you simply didn’t care?

It’s rich that you sit in front of anyone, wagging your finger, proclaiming to know what is what, when you ought to have known that the cabinet of Quebec nationalists were just waiting to stab you and Canada in the back.  You didn’t have the insight to see that coming, but you now proclaim to have brilliant insight into today’s issues.

In a couple of words Mr. Mulroney, go away.  Please, for the love of Canada, just go away!


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