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But, but, but, Mike Duffy!

October 24, 2013 |

harb3Liberals and the left wing media are having conniption fits over this whole Duffy mess.  The way they have been going on, you would think he is the only senate over spender.  Yes, I have to say it – I like the Dufster.  And yep, I think he claimed expenses that are at best – in the eyes of the basic tax payer – over entitled and dubious.  Me, as a conservative tax payer, would like to give him a good hard kick in the ass, as I would any conservative politician.  I expect better of them, I expect all of them to be better stewards of our money.  That said.  The fact that the lynching mob over at the eleven o’clock national news and the other news outlets have kept this Duffy story in it’s lead story cross hairs, is nothing short of nauseating.

The salient story here is that the senate is in need of an absolute overhaul and has been in need of mass oversight changes for eons.  Prime Minister Harper, (and those who had come before him, for that matter) should do an entire slice and dice on all the rules governing entitlement expenses and should have done so long ago. It is really too bad that the lefty loon media screamers will not tell the truth and expose to the Canadian public the real story –  That is that there have been MANY senators who have come before Duffy with similar expenses because the rules seem to allow for it and that probably the vast majority of those who sit alongside him in the upper chamber at present, would be squirming if their expenses were put to the same scrutiny.

This infamous audit that a certain Canadian TV company has used to assassinate Duffy, was clearly misrepresented to the Canadian public.  We were told that it implicated Duffy, when in fact the audit called the housing rules so ambiguous and confusing that even the auditing committee had difficulty deciphering what would be allowed and not allowed.

Which leads me to Mac Harb.  While Duffy’s ex-colleagues punish Mike Duffy for not succumbing to the left wing ideology whilst among them, and whilst saying Mike Duffy’s name, a few of the those same tv reporters practically hack up hairballs, there really has been very little said about Mac and his expenses.  What will never be the lead story on the big national news broad casts, is that RCMP lead investigator Corp. Greg Horton says there are “reasonable grounds” to believe that Harb committed “breach of trust in connection with the duties of his office by filing inappropriate expense claims.”  Yes the news outlets report it, but it’s always a sub-story, an afterthought, a buried inconvenient truth that they would rather not report upon, nor see the light of day.

Anyone paying attention knows that the senate and all of the senators should have been audited long ago.  Anyone paying attention should be demanding that the all senators, both Conservative AND Liberal senators should have their expenses be put under the same microscope as Mike Duffy’s and scrutinized with the same criteria.  It boggles the mind how the left wing media has insinuated themselves into the story and become nothing short of shills for the Liberal party, working hard to character assassinate those who don’t fly the political Liberal flag.

Thankfully the Sun News  Network gives the Mac Harb story more than 3 paragraphs.


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