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Canada Post, CUPW and Union Workers – Time to pay the piper.

December 12, 2013 |

canadapostMemo to union employees world wide – You cannot expect to keep dipping into the money bucket – without eventually seeing the bottom fall out.  The piper has sounded.

Canada Post’s revelation that it cannot sustain its present business model, is long overdue.  They are projecting an operating loss for 2014 of approximately 600 million and by the year 2020, a billion dollars a year.  Yes, billion with a B.  Listening to the moaning and finger pointing of CUPW union head clearly indicates that they are joint-masters of their own demise.   They simply do not get it.  This is the tip of the digital era and the vast majority of their member’s jobs are becoming fast redundant.  The writing has been on the wall for many years.  The last 9 fiscal quarters they have been operating at a loss.  The union has chosen to not heed the warning.  They have chosen not to take responsibility for their own culpability in the massive debt and uselessness that has occurred at Canada Post.

Inefficiencies in the system are not all on the heads of the overpaid bureaucrats.  While pointing figures, it’s time we also point the finger at union workers and their union bosses who have created a culture of mass-inefficiency that no private business would ever be able to sustain.

Case in point:  A summer student tells of moving a buggy with mail packages from point A to point B in the sorting room.  The clock shows the designated break time for his time or shift.  Summer student continues to push the buggy to its destination to get it out of the way.  He was reprimanded.  They are NOT allowed to complete any task they are doing when it is break time.

Apparently you can be “written up” if you do not leave the buggy precisely where it stands when it is your break time. It does not matter if said cart or buggy is in the middle of a walking thoroughfare.  You are not supposed to do one second of extra work when it is designated break time.  Doing so apparently takes a job away from a brother union worker.  When the summer student pointed out that leaving the buggy in the way of fellow employees made zero sense and he only had to move the buggy another 30 feet to complete the task by getting to its destination, he was told that is the way it is, do NOT cause trouble.

Can you imagine going into a restaurant and having a waitress just drop your meal at another table and promptly walk off to take their break without giving you your meal?  Can you also imagine no other employee being able to bring your now not so hot food to your table until break time is over?  How long do you think that restaurant would last?

Or how about a grocery clerk?  Half way through ringing up your groceries at the checkout, she promptly just walks away.  You are stuck there with half your order rung through, and the other half just laying on the conveyor.  No other employee comes to continue to finish ringing up your order.   Sorry, you now have to stand there and wait for 20 minutes until said employee completes their break.  How long would a store stay in business?

Can you imagine going into a bank, having a clerk start to do your banking business, only to just walk away mid-stream and go on a 20 minute break?  Would any bank think its ok to leave you and your business to wait until union rules say it is ok to complete your transaction?  How long would you continue your banking with that bank?

How about the medical field? A nurse?  Sorry, you want pain meds?  Just about to get them and she walks away and tells you she’s on lunch and will be back in an hour?

Anyone recall the endless million dollars that were spent a few years back?  A team of measure sticks requiring rural and home delivery people to move mailboxes, sometimes as little as 6 inches away from its original location.  This was a so called safety review.

Beyond the mismanagement of the bureaucracy of Canada Post lays also the inanity of inefficiency IS part of the larger issues of Canada Post.  That inanity lay squarely at the feet of all levels of the CUPW  Union who negotiated these and other uneconomical rules all for self serving so called job maintaining safeguards.  I have very little sympathy for what inevitable demise they have clearly created.


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  1. jmw says:

    Time to privatize this old dog.

  2. Cookie Munster says:

    One executive salary/benefits/pension and expense account could pay for mail delivery to a small town……So where are the dollars being wasted…Think again

  3. While bloated salaries with the higher ups, including over the top bonuses pose problems for not only Canada Post, but other private and public sector businesses – CUPW has to look solidly in the mirror. They have dealt far too much inefficiency into the postal workforce.