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Court Starts Today For Mike Duffy

April 7, 2015 |

mike duffy court circusAnd so it starts.

Today, the press will be gnawing on their own appendages in order to try and get the best seat in the court house.

As if we didn’t already know, you can expect this circus to be a long and tiresome one.

The left leaning Main Stream Media is going to try to paint this whole trial as an indictment of Stephen Harper’s Government and all it stands for.

I predict that this same press will give Pretty Boy Trudeau a lot of soft ball leading questions about this whole circus.  Pretty Boy needs all the help he can get in order to try to frame his condemnation of all things Duffy, Harper and Conservative.

The Press would have a little more credibility, if most of them just wore “Vote For Justin” caps or buttons and saved everybody the sickening display of partisanship, but I digress…

I am sure we can count on seeing the same clan of amigos on the nightly news casts, ejecting Mike Duffy’s name and Harper’s name with such venom and denunciation, that they’ll have to wipe the projectile spittle off of their teleprompter after each segment.

And somewhere in the background, Mac Harb is smiling.  As are the other 40 past and present Senators, who have been handed letters from the Auditor General, questioning their expense claims.

One really has to wonder, just how many of those 40 are “Liberals”.  And the bigger question – why isn’t the media trying harder to find out just who these 40 miscreants are?

It would seem to me, that if most of the names were connected to the Conservative Party or caucus, I would think that one of the above mentioned Main Stream Media amigos would been given the list by now so he could do his “exclusive” expose.  One can only deduce that some of the names on that list are a damaging embarrassment to the Liberals, and thus the media silence.

Anyway, the court has allotted some 41 days for this trial.  Stock up on the wine or anti-nausea meds.  It’s going to be a long 41 days.


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