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Don’t Be Fooled Justin Will Raise Taxes

February 3, 2015 |

tax me im canadianCanadians pay high taxes.  A lot of taxes.

Even amid a forecast of lower tax revenues, The Frasier Institute still endorses that any government should reduce personal income taxes.

In 2005 then Prime Minister Paul Martin stated, “Lower personal taxes would also provide greater rewards and incentives for middle-and high-income Canadians to work, save and invest.”

Follow it with Prime Minister Harper’s statement,  “Canada’s tax burden on highly skilled workers is too high relative to other countries … Canada needs lower personal income tax rates to encourage more Canadians to realize their full potential.”

Justin claims he will not raise taxes on Canadians.  His gaggle of advisors are well aware that telling people that you intend to raise their taxes, will not get you elected.  So while Justin promises he won’t – don’t be too sure that is the truth.  Justin’s “main man advisor” is a fellow by the name of Gerald Butts.

Gerald Butts is the same guy who helped get Dalton McGuinty elected.  In case you missed it – McGuinty promised not to raise taxes. After elected, he went on to raise taxes almost immediately.

Can Justin be trusted?  I’d say about as much as Dalton McGuinty.

Don’t let the Trust Fund Kid get his hands on the purse of Canadians.


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