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Hands off my donut!

June 11, 2013 |


Hands off my donut!

The bull’s eye is painted on smokers and fat people.  It’s always quite amusing to listen to moralistic busybodies claiming that we should make fat people and smokers pay for their own health care. Their logic, they are doing their ailments to themselves.  Therefore, those of such better stalk should not be required to pay for their undisciplined asses.

Alright then, I’d like to make these self important snots a deal: You can stop paying for their health care, if the rest of us can stop paying for those who engage in BMX bike riding, skiing, jogging, football, hockey, boxing, tree climbing, rock climbing, skateboarding, anyone in an accident who may have been talking on the phone, texting, putting on lipstick or eating.  If any injury is as a result of any sport, or any potentially dangerous activity, I want to be able to opt out of paying for those thrill seekers and their stupid broken bones.

Maybe if we stopped paying for those who incur concussions from dangerous activity, the cost of health care would have money for granny’s broken hip.  Oh wait, won’t be paying  for that either… these self important twits hate old people too.

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