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Doug Ford asks for Police Chief resignation

November 5, 2013 |

Doug FordDoug Ford, came out swinging against Toronto police on Tuesday, calling on chief Bill Blair to step aside.  Clearly I’m not the only one who thinks the comments made during the press conference were inappropriate.

It would seem that Rob Ford is not being afforded that of what every citizen should be.

Chief Bill Blair’s press conference was plain strange.  He made allegations about “evidence” and overstepped his boundary.   That is just plain strange!  The normal comment would have been to say that there is an ongoing investigation and it would be premature to comment until it’s had it’s day in court.  Frankly, I think Rob Ford and Doug Ford have every right to be angry and baffled by the clearly political and bias comments by the Police Chief.

Love him or hate him, far too many people are playing politics for their own political gain.  Truth be damned.  Global News had lines of city Councillors quite happy to call for Rob Ford’s resignation.  Ah, have none of those big brains heard of something called – due process?

Defense lawyer Dennis Morris said in an interview with the Toronto Sun – In his more than 40 years of being a defence lawyer, Morris said, he never saw a more troubling prejudicial attack against someone who faces no charges than the one perpetrated by Blair.

Blair told reporters, “I think it’s safe to say the mayor does appear in that video” and that “as a citizen of Toronto I’m disappointed”

“I was taken aback,” said Morris. “It was over the top. That is not his job.”

I agree.  His job is to collect evidence, not discuss the particulars and his personal opinion about that evidence, with the press.



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