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Drunks Ruin Cuba Vacation For Many

September 1, 2014 |

sungwingplaneOk, so 2 drunk idiots decide to light up a smoke on a Sunwing plane bound for Cuba.  Fighter jets are scrambled, plane has to turn around and go back to Toronto.  The two twits that facilitated this mess are subsequently arrested once they’re safely back on Canadian soil.

They are charged with: smoking on an aircraft, endangering aircraft safety, mischief over $5,000, mischief endangering life, and uttering threats to passengers or aircraft attendants. Endangering the safety of an aircraft, can carry a maximum sentence of life in prison.  Yeah, like that will happen.  Our Swiss cheese system will get them off with a warning and 10 hours of community service. Pity.

The drunks may face a $50,000 fine.  It’s not enough.  The other people on the plane, the folks who were inconvenienced by this inconsiderate stupidity will not see one penny of that money for their troubles.

It’s too bad that they didn’t have to spend some time in a Cuban jail instead of a Canadian pokey that has running water and a real toilet.

At the other end, in Cuba, 190+ passengers were left waiting for 20 hours.  Not fun, when all people want to do is get home.  Sunwing only provided the bare minimum of provisions, some water, drinks and a 15 dollar food voucher.  BIG DEAL.  While Sunwing isn’t at fault for the having to turn the flight around, their customer service for the stranded passengers in Cuba IS their fault.   If it is like any other “voucher” situation, maybe one or two of the places are left open once the stranded passengers are told they are staying put for a lengthy stay.  So as is usually the case, the first couple of people to get vouchers will go and raid whatever is left in at the one or two stores left open whether they are planning on eating the food they pillage or not.  And so most of the people’s vouchers are rendered useless because the last vendors are quickly out of product.

What should really happened to these moronic drunken, smoking fools?  If there was any justice, that they would have to pay the other passengers of the actual flight and the passengers who were left waiting in Cuba for their troubles.  Not some token 10 dollar amount but the actual cost of 1 day LOST vacation time and the one day LOST delay time for those coming home.   What’s a day in Veradero cost at this time of year?  A hundred bucks?  Times 400 people?  Add $40,000 to that “fine”.   A further punitive fine for their troubles, say make it fair: $500 bucks each – by 400 people, would be $200,000.  THEN let’s talk about what it would have cost Sunwing.  I can’t even begin to factor what it would cost the airline.

The ONLY way to begin to nip this kind of shenanigans in the bud, would be to hit misbehaviours where it always will hurt – in the pocket.

If people are made fully aware BEFORE they take flight that behaving like a total idiot on a plane will actually cost them $300,000 or $400,000 and that they will be required to PAY it – would go a long way to stopping this kind of nonsense.

While the saying goes that you can’t fix stupid may be true, what is also true is punitive fines do deter.  If not, there wouldn’t be implemented “double fines” for speeding in construction zones, school and hospital zones.  You may not completely eliminate these kinds of instances, but I can bet that the numbers would decline dramatically (as is the case with speeding in construction zones) when people know they’ll end up actually having to pay through their nose for their own stupidity.

My 2 cents plus tax.


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