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Duffy Trial Snoozefest

April 10, 2015 |

blah blah boring reportingTidbits from Day 3.

Oh my, Duffy took notes and referred to himself as MD in those notes. What the heck was he supposed to refer to himself as?  Scooby Doo?

This man was a reporter for how many years? Of course he’s going to have short hand note taking lingos, that made sense to him.  And so yeah, he was a notorious note taker.  Another non-starter.

Duffy’s notes also make note of political players of the day and some of the media it attracted. Again, no big surprise.  He would have been used to stockpiling bits and pieces of information about people he met, people’s names he had to know and that might be useful to him later on or to give him context.

The only “sin” I see here is that in all likelihood, maybe Duff is a little OCD (or maybe just a little forgetful). He kept a calendar about where he ate, or where he bought things.  Whatever worked for him, I say.

I used to basically keep all that kind of stuff in a shoe box and on scribbled pieces of paper in my car console.  It drove my accountant crazy.  I myself, tried to keep a better filing system once I had to be an Executor for someone whose shoe box was in worse shape than mine.  I kind of wish I had some of Duffy’s capacity to have good note keeping skills.  But again I digress…

And no I’m not going to try to make a comment of Brazeau showing up at the courthouse today.

No dancing Poodles today.


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