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Eat your Ritz Crackers!

November 21, 2013 |

Ritz_Cracker_creativecommonsJust when you thought the world couldn’t get much more stupid, while the city council of Vancouver thinks that banning the door knob is of utmost importance, a mother in Manitoba was fined for not putting a grain product in her children’s lunch.

What was in the lunches instead was left over roast beef, carrots and potatoes as well as a fruit, but because it did not contain some form of “grain product”  it didn’t past the test.  As such, the daycare was within its mandate to supplement the lunch with the missing product.

A grain.  Lets take a look at this: Usually high in carbs, usually high in starch, usually containing gluten.  Contrary to out dated food guides, grains are not the best for children, or adults for that matter who have food sensitivities, insulin issues or any form of gluten intolerance.

Had mom shoved in an advertised “source of fiber and grains” cereal bar, she would have been within the allowed items.  A simple cereal bar, which in most cases, is nothing more than dressed up junk food.  Commercial cereal bars can contain over 200 calories, 33 grams of carbohydrates, over 200 grams of sodium and 20 grams of sugar.  What you should remember is that 8 grams of sugar is approximately equivalent to two teaspoons of sugar.  Do the math.

The same food rules consider fruit roll ups as “fruit” by their definition.  The first ingredient of those horrid things is sugar.  It is empty sugar consumption.  You may as well give them a small can of cola.

Back to the fined mom, though,…What the children did receive by their daycare provider was a couple of ritz crackers.  Their basic content, 100 calories, 110 grams of salt, and 12 grams of carbs.

Obviously this story has hit the internet with a firestorm of comments and controversy, the thing is now  the Nanny State has decided to forbid parents from sending lunches with their kids and instead will be feeding them via slop and drop food processors.  They are touting it as a great step forward because now they are going to impose a “hot lunch program”.  A lot of the suppliers of said hot lunches are the same kind of places that make high volume cookie cutter cardboard tasting airplane meals.  And we all know how tasty and wonderful those are.


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