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An entitlement here, an entitlement there…

October 29, 2013 |

CC Noel - Canada SenateDid anyone really think Mike Duffy would go down without a fight?  The left wing media over at the CBC and the like are going wacko over the revelation that there may be 2 cheques.  In all honesty, who cares?

The problem is, the more complex the story, the easier it is for the truth to be lost. Complex stories make it easy for the public to be swayed by optics and spin.  Political foes count on the public not being able to digest the intricacies.  All that is left in the dust is that we again have our noses rubbed in the fact that those in government have some really big entitlements and perks and we don’t.

Again, I like Duffy, and I truly believe that someone was out to get him.  Who?  At this point, it’s hard to say.  Those on the left have their knives sharpened and ready to stab, but the question is, who should they be going after?  Who will go down with the Duffy ship when all is said and done?  It’s all a crap shoot.

Sadly while all this is going on and the public is being caught up in the minutia of 90,000 here, a couple of thousand there, the bigger picture, the significant picture is that the rules regulating (or in actual case, not regulating) the perks allowed to those in the upper chamber, and government perks at all levels, are out of step with Canadians.

What Joe Average Canadian sees, is yet another of the entitled, entitled to their entitlements.  It seems when it is tax payer’s money, the rules are fuzzy on purpose to allow for maximum spending allowances.  Wouldn’t it be nice if the Canadian Revenue Agency had such fuzzy rules for the rest of us, the mere peons who fork over half of our pay cheques in one tax or another?

Wouldn’t it be nice…


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