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Eve Adams Got the Big Heave Ho Before Her Supposed Defection

February 10, 2015 |

more media biasOh my, the brouhaha over the supposed defection of one prima donna MP.

What I found interesting was that very few media agencies initially told the full story that this MP had been told by the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, that they did not want her running for the party again.

Eve Adams had effectively been told to “hit the road”.  Not that you would have gotten that impression from the mini circus that doubled as a Liberal press conference.

It wasn’t until the full story was relayed that she was persona non grata with the Conservatives that our friends in the main stream media relented and told that she was a politician without a home.

I actually laughed when one of the guests on the CFRA Lunch Bunch show spoke of how the press gallery was actually snickering when it became apparent who was “joining” the Liberal Party.

Someone from Huff even had the brilliant fortitude to ask why on earth they would want her in the Liberal Party?

As of 7:40 Monday February 9th – What CBC and Huff reported is that she and Prime Minister Harper met on January 5th, to which she claimed to the Prime Minister that she and her ousted fiancé were no longer together.

According to sources, she also assured the prime minister that she and her fiancé, Dimitri Soudas, were finished.

The sources said Harper leaned towards Adams and told her he knew Soudas was sitting in the hotel lobby waiting for her. He then informed her that the party’s national council deals with nominations and, with that, the meeting was over.

Both agencies are reporting that PM Harper leaned over, told her she was caught in the lie and the meeting was over.

The formal written adios was then sent on January 29th from Conservative Party president John Walsh.

Guess the media has no choice but to tell the rest of the story now.  It must break their little hearts.



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  1. megamelbur says:

    Ahhh, a beautiful disaster in the making this recent turn of events are becoming….I mean more so than usual. I await with anticipated glee as the press rips this apart and casts the dismal light of shame upon Trudeau that he deservedly owns. Stupid people infuriate me but occasionally they bring about a good ol’ fashioned belly laugh that is hard to come by these days. Keep sinking yourself Trudeau – you just make it way too easy for us to see how ridiculously inept and hair brained you really are.