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Eve Adams Vs Eglinton-Lawrence Riding Association

February 12, 2015 |

mike colle over my dead bodySome days it’s interesting to be a Conservative.  It’s been entertaining to watch the Liberals implode over their “acquisition” of Eve Adams.

Ms. Adams aims to run in a riding where she can go head to head with Conservative Finance Minister Joe Oliver.  All is not smooth in mudville however, she’s apparently not entirely “wanted” there.

A provincial Liberal MPP by the name of Mike Colle is quoted as saying: Over my dead body! Ya have to love his frankness.

One problem though, Ms. Wynne and Mr. Trudeau are chummy.   So is anyone laying bets that there are some frantic phone calls between the Feds and Provincial Liberals?

I can also imagine there is some riding association heads exploding as Justin’s latest shiny candidate is being parachuted into a riding, where there is already a hard working person, vying for the candidacy.   So much for Justin’s “open and transparent” nomination processes.

Ms. Adams has her work cut out for her.

Anyhow, good on Mr. Colle for at least speaking his mind.  I can predict there will be back peddling in the days to come.

Oh well, the imaginary visual of Butts getting a tension headache, was well worth it.

Tally ho – even though the writ hasn’t been dropped, it looks like we’re already in election mode.


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