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Food Ban Insanity

March 7, 2014 |

peanutIn an Ottawa daycare, a dastardly crime was committed.  Someone brought in a cheese sandwich!  By accident no less! A two year old gets suspended for 3 days. It’s a big news story.  Someone will ask to launch a provincial commission, surely.  What brought this on? The broad brush of banned foods because of potential food allergies.

Of course, whenever this kind of story hits the news, there are the usual frantic cries from parents who believe their children have life threatening allergies.  My child could die, they claim. While sadly there are some children who have legitimate serious allergies, there is increasing evidence that the numbers of actual cases are far less than the claims.

A study by The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) poses some very disturbing questions and uncovered some very troubling facts.  They have completed a long term study that supports the notion that there is an unnecessary crisis of a “self diagnosed food allergy” fury.

I’ve watched as some of the same parents who claim their children are in imminent danger will  happily bring their kids past the peanut isle in the grocery store with no problem.  I have watched with amusement as they pull into the local donut store before or after picking up their child from daycare.  Last time I checked, most donut shops used egg, dairy and nut products.

What the population is most likely also not aware, in many jurisdictions the parent does not have actually prove to the school that their child has a life threatening allergy.  No actual clinical and medical diagnosis is required, at all.  They can simply claim it and that is good enough.  Essentially we have allowed over-exaggerating parents who simply are too easily manipulated by daytime TV doctors or so called health expert gurus, to dictate day to day policy for the rest of us.

When the banning of peanuts, dairy, egg products and other foods are applied with a broad brush in schools and daycares, it is truly a hindrance to the good health of all the other children.  What is basically left for children to ingest is sugary juices and some fruit and vegetables.  While fruit and vegetables are healthy, they by themselves do not offer the necessary over-all nutrition that children require to grow healthy.  Children need calcium products, proteins, fruits, vegetables and grains throughout the day.  Forcing children to limit their food choices because of the imaginary fear of a parent who has given their child a self diagnosis, is sheer madness.

What also advances this self diagnosis problem is a subculture of “online-mommy” groups dedicated to the Food Allergy issues.  The militant advice is to “advise” their followers that they should claim that ALL their child’s food allergies are potentially life threatening.  Truth is not a factor in the minds of these activists.   Their mantra is that all food allergies can cause death, regardless of actual medical proof or not.   That type of online culture propagates a group-think psychosis that their children are actually in danger of life threatening anaphylaxis at any given moment.

While I hate it, I do understand the dilemma of why administrations in school and daycare have no choice but to apply the broad banning of foods.  They simply do not have the the resources to challenge the parents with these type of bogus claims.  Schools then are left to  ban everything, “just to be safe”.  Again, it’s lunacy.

It’s high time that daycares and schools require a doctor to provide an actual diagnosis certificate that has been validated by the proper allergy assessment protocols.   Only then should any food bans be considered.


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