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Here a Ford, there a Ford, everywhere a Rob Ford…

November 2, 2013 |

Mayor Rob Ford Attrib:eyecrazyblogspotDoes anyone else find this whole Rob Ford story beyond strange?  The Toronto Sun goes on national news saying they feel vindicated.  Really?  The news paper has its feelings hurt?  I thought that paper claims to be impersonal and impartial in it’s dissemination of the news.   Does anyone honestly believe that?

The chief of police hits the media with a cryptic comment about “media reports” and a video showing of Rob Ford and it was consistent with what media reported.  Well the media in Toronto have reported a lot of things about the infamous mayor.  It would seem that the comment was ambiguous and opened ended on purpose.  Why?

Would they do that with any other normal citizen? I surely hope not.  If you as police, think he is guilty of something, say that he is under investigation for something, otherwise, shut up.

Same goes with city councillors.  All the political foes are sharpening their knives, calling for Fords resignation.  For what?  What has the man been convicted of?  Has he been arrested?  The left kill me.  They claim to be the big gate keepers of “true democracy”, that is until it’s for someone they dislike.  Eg, say – conservatives.  Then, screw the court system, screw a person’s day in court, he’s guilty, case closed.

I really have no opinion on whether Rob Ford is a drug addict, or not.  If he has smoked crack or not.  If he’s a party boy who tends to like the spirits too much, or not – (I can think of lots of famous folks who liked the bottle.  Winston Churchill comes to mind, but I digress)… And to be honest, I really don’t care.  What I do care about is the bias of the media and the left wing loons who think it’s ok to try and convict someone in the press with complete impunity.

It’s plain wrong…


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