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French Language Police Target Anglos – Again!

March 1, 2014 |

iciThe language bullies are up to their old tricks in Quebec.   A store owner, Eva Cooper, has been ordered by the militants at the department of Language Police to translate her Facebook Page to French, or face a fine.  A fine from between 5000 and 20,000 dollars.  Yep… for posting in English.

The Office Quebecois de la langue francaise claim that someone has filed a complaint against her, thus why they darkened her door.  I call BS.  As with many of these French Language Gestapo like tactics, and the Quebec legislation that drives it, they can hide behind the privacy act and claim that they cannot or do not have to name the person who made the complaint.  How convenient.  It’s not the government would ever lie.  Snowdon anyone?

What is particularly stupid about this is that the store owner is bilingual and is quite capable of conversing with her customers in both languages, as HER client’s needs require.  That’s good business and it’s a business that contributes business taxes to the Quebec Provincial Government.   That I guess isn’t good enough for Quebec – who is clearly intent on their incessant race for “pur laine”.  As many who use Facebook and social media are also aware, “translation” is an easy part of the program.   Anyone who has friends from different countries, can attest that their friends can post in Italian, Danish, Russian, Polish, Spanish and countless other languages and with the flick of your mouse, you can have their posting translated into the language of your choice.  That includes French.

Another instance a few weeks back, had a Montreal communications company warned by the same Tongue Troopers to change their website to French from English.  I guess these government weenies have never heard of Babel Fish or Google Translate.

The whole thing is suspect to be quite honest.   The PQ is positioning for an election in order to try to get their majority.  And as we in the rest of Canada know, we’ll be in for another round of constant foot stomping and threats from the PQists to hold a referendum in order separate from Canada.

Something tells me though, that the rest of Canada may have finally grown tired of their constant cries of “wolf” and might want our own referendum.   If the rest of Canada gets one, Quebec shouldn’t be surprised when we finally show them the door and tell them not to let it hit them on the ass, on the way out.


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