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Ghomeshi and CBC’s Willful Ignorance

December 2, 2014 |

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The CBC and it’s smug self-righteousness is finally under the microscope it so righteously deserves.  This whole Ghomeshi scandal has shone a very interesting light on those in the ivory towers of the precious left leaning CBC.   Funny how turning a blind eye and willful ignorance has a way of coming back to bite you in the ass, as the CBC is now finding out.

As more and more about the alleged misdeeds of Ghomeshi come to light, it is becoming extremely hard to believe that the upper management knew nothing about this guy’s less than stellar behavior, both at work and in his home life.

The latest revelation comes from a previous producer of the show who at  first came out anonymously.  The CBC set to work to try to discredit her by giving carefully worded press releases that played on words.   They were telling the truth about one claim in order to allow themselves to lie about their knowledge about Ghomeshi’s harassment towards her.  Good on her that she came out and has defended herself publicly and told the story that needed to be told.  She clearly has pointed a finger that the upper management, and union elite who took great care to protect their predatory celebrity.

Kathryn Borel chronicles her painful experiences with Ghomeshi in this article…

My old union issued a memo along similar lines, saying that no union staff members had heard of any complaints of sexual harassment. I emailed Bruce May, a staff representative at the CMG, and told him the memo was wrong, because I’d spoken to Neesam. May replied that technically the memo was correct, because Neesam was an “elected representative” and not a union “staff member”. He asked if that “clarified” things for me, and I said that it did: it clarified that the union was carefully parsing its words to leave casual readers with the impression that I was lying and they had done the right thing.

We shouldn’t be surprised about this.  One only has to look to the UK and see a similar willful ignorance helped one of the BBC’s top stars get away with over 40+ years of pedophilia, child abuse and adult abuse.  There were people at the “Beeb” (the CBC’s counterpart in the UK) who knew about his goings on and they too chose to do nothing.  Their meal ticket was clearly more important to them.

For over 40 years, Jimmy Savile was to all outward appearances, a saintly BBC DJ and television announcer.  He rubbed shoulders with all the right people, including the Late Diana, Prince Charles, British and International pop and tv celebrities.  This man however has turned out to be one of the largest of UK’s sex offenders according to Scotland Yard.

Like the Ghomeshi scandal, there were upper management at the BBC who conveniently looked the other way and chose to say nothing, to do nothing.  A culture of secrecy at the BBC which aided that predator to prey on victim after victim under the noses of his employer.

And like the CBC who turned a blind eye, there were victims in the UK who actually came forward, but were dismissed and laughed at.  Protecting the meal ticket, the goose that lays the golden egg, was far more important to far too many.  Staying silent kept them employed and things were just easier if they remained un-messy.  The truth does have a way of coming out though and as was the case in the UK, such is now the case, here in Canada.

I rather suspect that the once high and mighty CBC is in for the same walk of shame that it’s British tv cousin has had to walk.  It seems quite indicative that far too many people knew the goings on when it came to Ghomeshi’s alleged wandering hands, potty mouth, verbal bullying abuse and harassment of people within the CBC.

I suspect we are just only beginning to see the tip of the iceberg.



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