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How can the United Nations be taken seriously?

November 16, 2013 |

UN_flag CC Some of the United Nations Human Rights Council’s newest gate keepers should leave everyone shaking their head.

Russia, Cuba, China, Vietnam, Algeria and Saudi Arabia.  Yep.  Saudi frikken Arabia.

Who in their right mind would even take these appointments seriously?  This sounds more like something you would see on an SNL skit than in real life.  But it’s real.  All too real.

This place called Saudi Arabia has a stellar record of human rights: where women are not allowed to leave the house without a male relative escort.  Or drive a car.  Or work without her husband’s permission.  This same male slanted ownership of women requires women to have their husband’s permission for certain medical procedures.  In a recent case, a woman is waiting a hand amputation for being a car that was being chased by the religious police.  Because her husband is dead, he cannot give permission for the procedure.

Don’t forget as well, this is the same place of course where being homosexual will get you hanged; being a rape victim will have you convicted of adultery, and thus entitled to be stoned to death.  Where cutting off limbs is still considered a viable form of punishment.  Where voicing any kind of political discourse can have you tortured, jailed and executed without due process.  This is where you can be executed for setting up a civil rights organization that may distort the reputation of the kingdom.     Distort what?  That they’re still living in the 7th century?  That there are no actual civil rights for most of its citizens? At present an activist is awaiting some sort of kangaroo court where the charge is inflaming public opinion against the ruler.

At present, they still allow outright slavery of migrant workers who have zero rights in the country.  Over 30 are presently on death row for the trumped up offences of witchcraft and sexual offences.  Judges routinely sentence defendants to thousands of lashes.  Children can be convicted as adults if signs of puberty exist.

Saudi Arabia claims to uphold human rights and especially women’s rights through the application of the Islamic Law, Sharia.  Will the UN adopt Sharia as the new standard?  I would venture a guess there are certain countries who would be quite happy if they did.

The United Nations has become a sick joke and it’s time to disband it once and for all.


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