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James Moore Had It Right

December 17, 2013 |

jamesmoorecbcJames Moore’s claim that it was not his job to feed his neighbor’s children had it completely right.  Unfortunately, in the politically correct landscape we find ourselves unable to handle the truth.

Here is the truth; for the most part we have gutless politicians.  They are forced to tow the politically correct line, no matter how untruthful that line happens to be.  The other truth is that many, far TOO many who line up for freebies know full well that the service allows them to use their money to buy smokes, booze, drugs and junk food instead of feeding their kids.  Politicians will not take this on because the usual bevy of poverty industry cry-babies will scream and holler that anyone pointing that out, is being mean spirited and uncaring.

We are told every year that there are larger line ups at food banks and that there are increasingly more families in need.  Why is that exactly? We really do need politicians who have the guts to ask, are they actually in need or is it because the food and other offerings are provided for free?  Does offering food for free merely allow those who claim need to make other poor choices in their lives that facilitate that need?

By default, (for those who are screaming how awful James Moore’s comments may be), they are saying that it IS everyone’s job to feed other people’s kids.  Alright then, by default, it should also be our job to demand that those who are spending money on smokes, booze and drugs be duly forced to re-calibrate their priorities and spend that money on food and clothes for their own children instead.  If we as tax payers are forced to have that global village responsibility for all kids, then we should also have the right to force responsibility on those who fail to exercise basic fiscal family budgeting.  Our social safety-net has become yet another service that is systematically abused by those who know how to swindle the system.  We the folks who provide for it, are told to shut up and not point out the huge problems with the entire system.

One only has to look at the city housing areas across the nation and watch how many so called “under privileged” smoke or have cases of empty beer stacked in their hallway.   Let us not get into the extra vehicles in the driveway and the hush-hush boyfriend or other income earner who is also living in the subsidized rental unit – which of course would discount them from being “in need” in the first place.  One also only has to look at the types and ages of their cars and the people that show up at the food banks stamping out their cigarettes before going in for their monthly freebie hand out.  One only has to pay slight attention to know that many so called under privileged families play the system by using 2 or 3 addresses and getting thousands of dollars of Christmas gifts, Christmas food hampers and snowsuits each and every year.

I watched one such neighbor finish her basement with hardwood floors, a 3rd bathroom and a large screen TV, only to find the social groups form a line at her front door to provide a long stream of freebie gifts less than a month later.  She asked my mother to borrow her freezer for a few weeks, as she didn’t have room to place the turkeys she received in her own freezer.  To the neighbor’s credit, at least this neighbor didn’t smoke, but she did also make a 3 week trip back to her Caribbean nation each and every year.

One has to wonder just how many people with their hands out are truly needy.  How many of those people choose to smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day?  Or in a couple, 4 packs a day.  That alone is a large pile of money per month that could be re-routed to provide for the children they brought into this world.   Do the math: 9 to 10 dollars a pack, 20 to 40 bucks a day, which equals between 7 to 14 thousand dollars a year that does NOT go to provide for their family.

I will say it again James Moore had it right.  Sadly he had to issue an apology for telling the truth.  And that in itself continues to allow the system to be duped by perpetual welfare queens and kings who produce children they can ill afford to finance, and feel the rest of us must provide for, no questions asked.

Frankly, it is time that anyone taking welfare, who are in subsidized housing, who’s children chronically rely on morning breakfast programs and freebie lunches and those who continue to make children where fathers are nowhere to be found, should all be obliged to give a DNA sample, and obligatory drug and substance testing.  Any food bank, any charity organization should also have to register their gifts/contributions with the database based on address and the names registered against the DNA profile.  The double, triple and quadruple dipping would be stopped cold and the children and families who truly are in desperate need would have enough resources to properly deal with their situations.  The rest would be promptly prevented from exploiting the system.

Another elephant in the room is that donations to various Christmas charities are down this year and have been taking a hit over the last few years.  Again, no politician will take it on.  I know of friends who have said they are tired of seeing the fraud and non-oversight of those charities by those who get far more than their share of freebies.    So instead of providing money for cheaters, they have taken to taking care of people one on one, through small church groups and even just small friend conglomerate groups where they know their contribution will actually go for truly needy folks who need a hand up in our their communities.



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