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Just Say No To Trudeau and Butts

February 11, 2015 |

no to carbon taxI think most of us on the Conservative side of things, understand that Justin Trudeau is basically a pretty boy puppet for the back room “adults”.

As Ezra Levant points out in his column yesterday, one of the back room adults and thus one of the main influences for Justin, is Gerald Butts.  The same fellow who helped inflict Dalton McGuinty on Ontario.

Butts, a hard-core climate change ideologue has never been shy about his disdain for the tar sands.  This is the same Butts who has said that Alberta is greedy and stupid and has shamed Canada on the international stage.    Of course Justin repeated this almost verbatim at a fundraiser for the Liberal faithful last week.  Where you ask?  Yep, in Calgary.

The fact that there is one person in the west who would even contemplate voting for the Liberals is mind boggling enough, but in Alberta?  Surely a lot of them must be pot smokers…, but I digress…

As Sun News has pointed out – Trudeau says he’ll bring in a law requiring provinces to “price” carbon – that’s code for taxing it.

And that my friends is the most dangerous part of all.  Imposing a do nothing tax that takes massive amounts of money out of the general economy and puts streams of that money into the hands of tax and waste Liberals, is just national economic suicide.

We saw what Pierre Trudeau did to this country.  He saddled it with chronic deficits, raised taxes exponentially and he still could not balance the books.  The national debt tripled, and he still kept spending our grandkids futures away.

We have also seen what the cohorts of Mr Butts have done to Ontario and the economic mess it’s in.  Don’t give Justin a chance to help Mr Butts and his friends, do it to the rest of the country.


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