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Justin Phoney Baloney – Finance Version

January 28, 2015 |

justin phoney baloneyAsk yourself a question – who would you rather have managing your financial affairs?  Someone who has an economics degree or someone who is a trust fund quitter?  While Prime Minister Harper has a degree in Economics, Justin by comparison quit two different University programs.

Justin claims – ok, he doesn’t claim he has people who write his nonsense for him, but anyway they claim that the Conservative Government has put all its eggs in one basket.

Boy Wonder claimed not too long ago that the budget will take care of itself, but suddenly now he’s an economic genius.  What did he do, consult a Magic 8 Ball?

In an ever evolving world, it’s entirely possible that some re-jigging will need to be done with the impending 2015 Federal budget.  That’s called being responsible.  If your own roof starts to leak, you can choose to stand there and shake your fist at it or you can re-jigg your household budget in order to get the darn thing fixed and not leave yourself short for your next mortgage payment.

Compare that to say, his father’s era, where he had a full basket and a reserve basket.  Papa Trudeau blew through those baskets faster than they could print money.  Not only then did he blow through his own baskets, but he raided future baskets that would take over 30 years from which to begin to recover.  If you want a good indication of what successive governments had to do to fix the mess that Trudeau made, I urge you google Dave Frum’s articles on Pierre Trudeau’s legacy.

If you knew anyone who had to pay insane interest rates back in the 80s, or lost their home, job or business because of the economic mess Trudeau left us, Frum’s account will explain how Pierre Trudeau’s policies put far too many Canadian lives in ruin.

I’m sure that Pierre Trudeau’s economic plan was to spend the country into prosperity.  I somehow doubt he had any idea just how bad he would leave the country after he was finished with it.  Like a good son though, Justin sees the record of his father through those loving rose colored glasses.

Never the less trying to spend yourself into prosperity didn’t work then, and it will not work now.  If spending “into” prosperity worked, Ontario’s streets would be paved with platinum and gold.  McGuinty and Wynne tried to borrow and toss money around like it was confetti and that plan has been a predictable failure.

Allowing Justin to try it again at the Federal level would put the final nail in the coffin of Canadian prosperity.


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