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Justin, Really, Just Shut Up!

January 21, 2015 |

brainless justin trudeauTo think that anyone would call this pinhead worthy of being the Prime Minister of Canada, is beyond incomprehensible.

This boy who wants to be king, thinks a budget will take care of itself, but claims the Prime Minister is making “the budget up” as he goes along.  Wait, what?  A silver spoon part time drama teacher is lecturing someone with a Master’s Economics Degree about how to deal with Canada’s budget.  Yep, that makes sense.

This boy who wants to be king, thinks that China’s dictatorship is efficient and admires it.  Or course he does.  His autocratic little brain wishes to have control of everything.  Including apparently when and if our military defends itself.

Justin thinks that our Canadian military shouldn’t defend themselves if shot upon, unless of course, they get permission.   Permission from his autocratic little self.

Yeah, I can see it now. As bullets and missiles are whizzing past our soldiers’ heads, this pinhead thinks that we should ring him up on the phone.  Yeah, let’s let this armchair quarterback decide whether to shoot or run towards the enemy and hand out Canada Goose Parkas instead.

Maybe he can tell them to hand out maple leaf syrup candies while they’re at it.

No matter how you slice it, either you send your military and let them do their job or they should stay home.  Sorry Justin, I hate to break it to you, but there is no in between.  For Trudeau, and Mulcair to split hairs over the degree of participation of our troops is brazen left loon politics and the height of hypocrisy.

Perhaps we can send Angry Tom and Justin over there to hand out the maple syrup candy and parkas.  Better yet, let’s send over that waste of skin Michael Moore from the US to film it all as well.  No security, no special treatment.  Let’s let these loons go spread their brand of Canadianism and left loonie-ism and see how long it takes before they’re crying for their mommy!


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