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Justin Says His Government Can Be Fiscally Responsible

January 29, 2015 |

LMAO 2I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.  Justin Trudeau thinks that he can raise spending and not run a deficit.  Oh lord, this is his father’s fiscal mismanagement on steroids.

Pst…Justin,… buddy,… if you raise spending you have to get the money from SOMEWHERE.  As much as you might think, money does NOT fall from the sky, nor does it grow on trees outside Sussex Drive.

Raising spending means, spending your surplus and when that’s gone, creating a deficit and more debt by spending beyond your means and then ultimately raising taxes to replenish the money you no longer have.  God almighty, after the disastrous legacy that his father left us, how does anyone think that this man-child can be the Prime Minister of a country?

Vote for Justin?  Believe he and his government would be fiscally responsible? Oh please, tell me… nobody is that dumb.


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