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Justin says something Stupid, Again.

February 2, 2015 |

happy ground hog dayHappy Ground Hog Day.  As predictable as Feb 2nd comes around each year, what’s equally predicable is when Justin opens his mouth –  something dumb comes pouring out.

Justin claimed that U.S. President Barack Obama would have approved the Keystone XL pipeline by now if Prime Minister Stephen Harper had put a price on industrial carbon dioxide emissions.

First, the U.S. has never put a price on its emissions so it’s clearly not a priority for the Americans.

Ah… Justin, perhaps you should just let Gerald Butts put his hand up the back of your shirt and only move your lips when he tells you.

Last week also Justin opened the door for a well placed zinger from Prime Minister Harper.  He has been trying to hammer the Conservative Government on their income splitting measures.

Justin claimed that the government rolled out tax breaks will only help the extremely well off.   His criticism is laughable.  Not only because I bet he wouldn’t really know how much tax and hidden tax the actual middle class pay, but because what he was saying was simply not true.

Prime Minister Harper to Justin Trudeau: “Let’s be clear, the vast majority of Canadian families cannot rely on a personal trust fund.”

Prime Minister Harper stood in the house and responded to to Justin Trudeau in both English and French – “Let’s be clear, the vast majority of Canadian families cannot rely on a personal trust fund.”

Even Thomas Mulcair has taken jabs at Justin’s privileged upbringing. Stating: “Justin believes he can just inherit power.”

To Justin’s credit, this time he let Gerald Butts come to his defense on twitter and kept his mouth shut.

This election is going to interesting, to say the least.


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