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Justin – The Silver Spoon Kid

January 22, 2015 |

drama school trudeauLet’s face it, the Liberal Party of Canada needed a Hail Mary pass after the departure of Jean Chretien.  Enter the shiny faced kid with a recognizable last name.

It doesn’t hurt that the kid has nice hair, a nice smile and is photogenic.  Enter Justin Trudeau, complete with a bevy of professionally choreographed hand on chin photographs, apparently in an effort to look thoughtful, educated and insightful.  Oh, and sexy.  Don’t forget sexy.

This nauseatingly devised soft-core rock star type persona was carefully packaged by the Liberal Party of Canada.  It worked because the party faithful believe him to be the phoenix version 2.0.  The well manufactured facade worked for his father – thought of as mod, with it and “cool” back in his day.   “Trudeau” is a brand name that Canadians will already recognize and with which to identify.  Canadians are being treated to the classic, wash, rinse, repeat of Trudeau-mania.

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Justin’s breathless speech patterns peppered with an over-abundance of “Ahs” and “Uhms”, while somewhat quaint and less-politician looking at first look, grow tiring and exasperating to anyone who hasn’t ingested the Trudeau-mania kool-aid.   Justin’s rise in popularity hasn’t been without some bumps in the road as well.  Well documented off script comments have left his spin doctors working overtime. The laundry list of faux-pas make even the most seasoned politico roll their eyes.  Imagine admitting in interviews that you admire brutal dictatorships, or issue finger-waggings at using judgemental language to describe brutal practices by patriarchal cultures.  The son of the great proponent of the badly failed and pandered to multiculturalism experiment in Canada, doesn’t fall far from the tree.

It was the late great Margaret Thatcher who thought of Trudeau version 1.0, as obnoxious and one who acted like a naughty school boy.   As Justin’s father came to power, there was much media squashing about such things as driving around Quebec wearing a German helmet as a sardonic shove it finger to the war effort of Canadian troops.  Justin’s mis-steps are equally ignored by today’s liberal leaning media.  It’s also noted that while we as Canadians were told he was viewed as a statesman, the reality fell far from that view – to quote Historian Michael Bliss, “Other leaders thought Trudeau was inconsistent, wobbly and dangerously inclined to the left.”  Justin’s lean to the left would in many ways make his father’s ideals look like hard core Republicanism.

As Canadians, we should be afraid, very afraid.  This is an attention seeking showboat with little to offer Canada beyond his famous last name.  His basic lack of understanding of simply things like the economy, international affairs and sovereignty should cause concern for those of us who have had to live through the foolish policies of Justin’s father.

While Trudeau 1.0 was well educated, albeit misguided socialist, Trudeau 2.0 is just a well combed, millionaire who identifies more with Fidel Castro’s reign of governing than that of the capitalistic system that allowed his family to take lovely ski vacations and ownership of pretty mansions in some of the most prestigious postal codes.

Alas, Justin claims to identify with the middleclass.   Laughable and sad.  The only thing he knows about the middleclass is how his father sought to tax it out of existence.  Dear old dad started the job, 2.0 has risen from the Liberal ashes to try to finish the job.  Don’t’ be fooled by his pretty hair like our elders were fooled by Pierre’s lapel rose.


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