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Justin Trudeau – Bozo Eruptus

January 23, 2015 |

justin doesn't get itAs the Federal Parties ramp up for the impending election, we’re getting to see more of the precious shiny pony.  It’s not a pretty sight.  Today’s headline was: Justin Trudeau points to interest rate cut as proof Tories lack fiscal prudence.  Wait, what? This from a guy who couldn’t balance a cheque book without a calculator.  Quite amusing actually but I’ll wait to comment on that verbal eruptus until another day…

In the mean time, it should be noted that Justin also thinks we shouldn’t be doing anything more than importing mass amounts of refugees and handing out winter coats in answer to the tragic events advancing in the Middle East.  Maybe the military can hand out hugs while they’re handing out parkas.

Justin is trolling out the old tired “we’re peace keepers only” mantra of his Daddy’s era.  Yeah, of course your standard peacenik beatniks applaud and nod their heads approvingly during Liberal love-ins.  Almost as if in a trance they hand over contribution cheques the same way he would want to hand out flowers, parkas and love.  Be sure though, there’d be no mention of  getting your head chopped off.  That doesn’t suit the Liberal narrative.

It is completely frightening that this clown has no concept of the enemy that the world is presently facing.  He wants to talk root causes, they want to blow up things and push gays off of buildings.  He wants to show them love, they want to blow away 13 children for watching a lousy soccer game.  He wants to have round table discussions, they want to use the table legs to flog and beat dissidents and the un-compliant.  He and his equally gadfly ilk, like Michael Moore, pan any need for the military to actually have to defend themselves and defend the likes of the many minority groups that are being exterminated as if they were mere bugs.  Justin has it all figured out.  Parkas, hugs and maple syrup, that’ll fix it.

While it’s debatable whether Daddy Trudeau was as awful to the Canadian Military as history has attributed to him, what is fact is that P.E.T. was not afraid to hit hard once faced with the likes of the FLQ.  I have to think that in his elder years, he wouldn’t have been as willing to play footsie with people who want to kill everyone from the west.  Daddy Trudeau would hold a better understanding of the true threat facing us, than many Liberals of today seem to possess.

Would the autocratic son be capable of showing gumption if required?  I highly doubt it.  He really doesn’t seem to have a clue as to what would be needed if faced with an actual terror threat or need to actually use deadly force in order to defend this country and its citizens.

Bozo Eruptus or just plain bozo.  Either way, this is not someone who has a clue about how to keep our country safe.



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