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Justin Trudeau and More Liberal Hypocrisy

December 15, 2014 |

justin not so open nominations

Poor Justin Trudeau’s free ride seems to have hit a few snow banks.  CBC gave him a due spanking when they had to report that 4000 Sikh Liberal Party members are angry enough to rip up their membership cards.

Many said they were leaving the party because the nomination process was undemocratic…

When the shiny pony and Liberal hopeful first came on the scene, he vowed to have an open and transparent government and party.  That hasn’t worked out too well for him.  Nor has it been the truth.

First Justin Trudeau unilaterally ousted all Liberal Senators from caucus.   With the wave of a hand, he admonished them to no longer necessary status.

Another not so open situation happened in Trinity Spadina, the seat of former NDP MP Olivia Chow, who saw Justin Trudeau defiantly favour star candidate Adam Vaughan while the party stymied the nomination papers of Christine Innes.

Rolf Dinsdale from Brandon-Souris claims:  he lost the 2013 by-election because of meddling by the national Liberal office.  Next came Orleans in recent weeks, where another candidate, David Bertschi has cried foul over dirty tricks and underhanded vetting in order to shoe-in Justin’s preferred candidate.

Now all the way across the country, there are some very unhappy and concerned Sikh Canadians who believe the vetted candidate has unsavory and extremist ties.

This comment from members of the Liberal membership in BC should raise the hairs on the back of anyone’s neck…

“The Liberal Party, especially Justin, is in bed with extremist and fundamental groups. That’s why I decided to leave the Liberal Party,” said Kashmir Dhaliwal, ex-president of the powerful Khalsa Diwan Society.”

Justin and extremists.  This isn’t the first time this accusation has been pinned on Captain Canada’s coat. Justin has also been slammed because he has courted a Montreal mosque that has had questionable members with extremist ties.

Canada needs to be very afraid of this autocratic wannabe.  Fidel Castro was a family friend he claims.  He admires how China’s dictatorship gets things done quickly. He has no problem courting extremists that embrace sharia law, female genital mutilation and anti-western, anti-capitalism sentiment.

Anyone who chooses to vote for this embryonic dictator, does so at Canada’s peril.


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