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Justin Trudeau loves China

November 11, 2013 |

justin-trudeau Attrib- reuters-chris-wattieIt really should not surprise us that the celestial Justin Trudeau admires the basic dictatorship of China.  He likes the way they use their autocratic hand to “get things done”.

Well of course he does.  He’s a Liberal.  He’s a progressive.  As a progressive, his belief of having a higher calling, an all encompassing knowledge of how things should work for society’s good, requires that same basic dictatorship to implement his ideas.

This is what progressives believe, –  that they should implement their ideas unabated.  They know better, they know best, and having the right to disagree or a differing view, be damned.  Their contempt for any opinion but their own is entrenched in the very fiber of their being.

The Prince of Progressiveness and his antipathy for the real exchange of ideas is happily at home in the same circle as the heavy handed nature of China’s communism.  Another glaring example of its relationship is the reporting media.  The vast majority of which (in both countries) haul the party line.

All that is the party line is good.  All that oppose them, evil.  Tiananmen Square anyone?  Justin should read a few history books before his revisionist friends completely rewrite them.


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