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Justin Trudeau – When a small mind grabs power.

May 9, 2014 |


The latest proclamation from King Justin shines a glaring spotlight on the dangerous autocratic nature of those who claim to have “open progressive” thinking.

We have seen in recent months that various university campuses claim to want to represent diversity, only to asphyxiate any type of diversities that they do not approve.  We have watched this month as the Law Society of Ontario willingly discriminated against allowing any graduates from a Christian college be allowed to practice in Ontario.  The specially anointed will decide for the rest of us what we should believe and think.  For these progressive minds, it’s how the world should be.

Enter now, King Justin who shines his charismatic smile and claims to want open nominations, but ask the folks in Trinity-Spadina who know differently.  His latest proclamation that anyone running for HIS party must hold HIS beliefs, should’t be surprising at all.  His highness, and his justification of applying the thought police, is alive in well in the progressive mind of dear Justin.  It’s settled.  In Justin’s mind: he wants, therefore, he shall get.

Much like his father, (and again we really shouldn’t be surprised here), Trudeau Sr. foisted the money pits of multiculturalism and bilingualism on Canada, with nary a vote, nor the right to dissent.   It should not be surprising that this is now how Justin believes the world should and MUST work if he wishes it to be so.  He proclaims his brilliant enlightened beliefs and YOU must implant them in your brain.  No deviation.  No dissent.  Don’t you dare question it.  Justin has decided what you are allowed to think and you SHALL be pro-choice.  Full stop.

I shouldn’t have to remind anyone how Justin claimed he admired the China dictatorship, because they got things done swiftly.  He also likes the communist regime of Castro’s Cuba.  His well learned communist apple, isn’t falling far from the cultivated tree. His actions are a clear indication of his actual character.

Sadly, I do not think we adequately fear those with a small mind, claiming progressiveness and are determined to have power.   History has shown us that they will stop at nothing to implement their view of the world.  They will justify their tyranny in the name of common good, they justify trampling your rights in order to implement the rights of those they believe are more deserving.  They will demand your absolute compliance because they have a better vision than you, the peon, could ever possess.  If anyone thinks for one second that Justin will simply stop at this one instance of autocratic proclamation, and demanded compliance, one best think again.  He learned his dictatorship skills well. King Justin will think nothing of cramming down your throat anything else his whim decides is best FOR YOU, because that is how he has been taught the world SHOULD be.

At the moment, King Justin is rattling the powerful sword on how HIS party should think and believe.  Is this how he plans to will rule “HIS Canada?”  I think his present actions are a clear indication of how he would conduct himself in the future.  We should be afraid.  Very afraid.

If charismatic Trudeau 2.0 and his dangerous little mind get into a real position of power, I fear for my country.   I really do.


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  1. Les Irvine says:

    Sounds like NAZISM to me

  2. Cathy Bows says:

    I fear for Canada if he gets in as well. He is flirting with dangerous people for votes!