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Justin Trudeau Thinks He Knows Best

November 18, 2014 |


Justin figured he’d score political points with female voters by ousting two accused male MPs.  Said MPs were alleged to have sexually accosted two NDP MPs.

Media pundits argued back and forth.  Was this good politics? Or was it not.  My answer.  WHO cares, there is a far bigger picture to look at.

Why? Because the ousting of 2 MPs was not his decision to make.  First we have a presumption of innocence until proven guilty.  Justin’s daddy, who was a lawyer, forgot to obviously teach that lesson to the chosen son.  Second, it was the choice of the 2 wronged MPs to decide where and to what degree this issue should be dealt with.

Justin, who showed his true colors ceremoniously tossed out 2 MPs, not only that, but he outed their names, no trial, no jury.  Just the Jury Of One – Justin.

This is the Justin that Canada needs to know.  This is a silver spoon man-child who believes his autocratic view of the world is the way it should be.  What Justin thinks, is what it should be.

I don’t normally applaud the NDP but in this case, they did Canada a huge favor.

They showed Justin Trudeau to be the paternalistic, patriarchal autocrat that he is.  Justin believes that he is the protector of women and with that, lies the problem.  It is an insult to suggest that only he can be the gate keeper of fair play for women in this country.  Women are quiet capable of taking care of themselves.  Justin’s actions showed his true colors in that he clearly doesn’t believe that to be true. Someone else must do it for them.  I thought we left that type of chauvinistic thinking behind in the 1950s.

So a news flash for Justin – Sisters have been doing it for themselves for a long time!


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