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Justin Trudeau – thought of the day

November 18, 2014 |


It’s shocking that anyone would think this guy has the stuff to run a country.  Justin Trudeau continues to get a free ride by the main stream media.

Sadly, liberals check their brains at the door and will blindly vote for anyone, just as long as their Liberal team wins.

Boy Wonder has cozied up to jihadists, pandered to pot heads, claims to understand the middle class and believes the budget will balance itself.  He also thinks that admiring the dictatorship in China is marvelous.

All this from a man-child who has never had to worry about money, or meet a payroll or scrounge to pay one’s rent.  This from a man-child who has changed exorbitant amounts of money to be a key note speaker – not because he really has much of any value to say, but because of his famous last name.

The anointed one blames Alberta for many of the woes in Quebec, and supports that dismal excuse for a Premier in Ontario.  Yeah, the Premier and her predecessor who managed to put Ontario’s finances so far into the toilet that Ontario’s debt is larger than the rest of the provinces and federal debt combined.

Liberal math, Liberal tax and spend stupidity. Liberal Justin.  I fear for Canada.

I really do.



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  1. elscotem says:

    Run a country? Justin wasn’t trusted to run a classroom under contract, the best he could get was a supply drama teacher spot. Imagine someday he may get a real job.

  2. Cathy Bows says:

    I fear for Canada too. This dude should be at the bottom of the polls but the cult-like following he has is scary. They are just as uninformed as he is. Let’s face it, if his last name was Jones, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation! Not only does he cozy up to Muslims, I believe he has lots of them behind the scenes just waiting for him to get in so they get some representation in our government. The Ontario Liberals actually tried to get Sharia Law brought in once already, how far of a stretch is it to think Trudeau will do the same? Not much at all!