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Justin’s Entrepreneurial Advice

January 31, 2015 |

brainless justinSo Justin wants regions, like South Western Ontario, to get away from manufacturing. He instead suggests private business should concentrate on … what were his words – develop more technology and economic innovation.

Yeah, let’s get right on that.

As we all know, most people can just close up shop because there might be better ventures elsewhere.  I’m sure we can all come up with all kinds of extra capital (that they must have hanging around under their mattresses) for new ventures.

Is this guy for real?  Or is this just more proof positive that boy-wonder has no bloody idea how the real world works.  Yeah let’s all just “transition” as he puts it.  Sure, that’s how REAL people do business and create businesses. Unreal.

“A large part of it is transitioning away from a manufacturing-based employment as a driver in the economy to much more innovation and hi-tech and more knowledge economy, entrepreneurship,” he said.

Another tidbit was this golden gem – “We have seen over the years what happens when politicians start picking and choosing the regions they work hardest to represent,” he said.”

Yes we have Justin.  It was what happened when the Liberals pitted Quebec against the rest of the country.  Your Daddy did a bang up job on that mess.  His Liberal successors coddled it and we almost broke the country up, because of it.  And what about the National Energy Program.  Wasn’t that just a real nation uniting moment.

In case you missed it from your ivory tower there Justin, – that program alienated the west.  And do you know what many in the west still believe Petro-Canada stands for?   In case you missed that one from your ivory tower as well – Petro-Canada was backronymed to “Pierre Elliott Trudeau Rips Off Canada”.

Sorry Justin, you aren’t ready for Canada, and Canada is sure as heck in no need of your brand of trust fund kid economics or national vision.




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