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Justin Trudeau whines about Sun Media

September 25, 2014 |

Trudeau partriationJustin Trudeau, yes the trust fund kid who wants to be king, has handed down yet another edict.   Along with unilaterally declaring that the senators that have sat in the Liberal caucus for eons had been kicked out of Liberal party, he also demands that people running for the Liberal Party MUST support pro-choice.  How Moa’ist of him.

Justin has now declared the Sun News Network and Quebecor Inc as persona non grata.

After Ezra Levant called Justin’s father a slut – who we should add, Pierre’s sexual prowess was well known and never disputed – because of this colorful utterance by Ezra, Justin has blacked balled any and all that have to do with Sun Media.

He has also filed a complaint with the parent company, Quebecor Inc.  Yeah, sure Justin, whatever.  My advice to delicate flower Justin, is to grow some tougher skin.  Politics is a blood sport.

As for Ezra and Sun News – my advice to them is something I wish all the media would do when it comes to Justin.  Just do not report on him.  Do not give him air time.  If you have to actually mention a story that actually relates to him in any way, simply bleep his name out.

The media party as Ezra calls it, picks and chooses which stories they choose to report, or ignore.   Sun and all Quebecor subsidiaries should simply refuse to report anything Justin says or does.   A politician who has been rendered completely neutered and rendered as completely irrelevant would be plain brilliant.  No air time for Justin.  No mention of his name, or the Liberal party on anything Quebecor publishes.  How long will it be before Captain Canada Jr back pedals?

Make no mistake – Justin NEEDS the publicity in the newspapers owned by Quebecor.  He NEEDS the Quebec vote and he needs the Quebecor owned TVA television stations to broadcast his name into the living rooms of Quebec.  Justin also needs the help of publicity in the papers of Calgary Sun, Edmonton Sun, London Free Press, Ottawa Sun, Toronto Sun, Winnipeg Sun, Le Journal de Montreal, Le Journal de Quebec.

While the CBC spends their time in love with Justin and giving him a free pass for every political blunder he commits, I think it would be brilliant for Quebecor to play a little road chicken with Jr.  I suspect Jr will blink first.


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