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Kicking Rob Ford while he’s down

November 7, 2013 |

YToronto CC FamousWonders.comet another episode emerges in a long tailed saga of the Toronto media going after Rob Ford.  While I happen to think that Rob Ford definitely needs to hit rehab, I’m having a great deal of difficulty with how the media is playing loose and fast with speculation of Rob Ford’s apparently motives in the video.  They are claiming that this rant is directed at someone specifically, a political foe.  Could be.  But it could also be Rob Ford acting out the meeting between Ford and Hulk Hogan.  To be honest it really doesn’t matter anymore.   The intended continual damage towards Ford has been done.  Mission accomplished.

Here’s the thing.  In the age of youtube, instant phone pictures and video, I find it curious that the media in Toronto only seem to only go after Ford.  It’s well known in cities across Canada that there are Federal MP’s, Provincial MPPs, and municipal politicians with volatile tempers, with the capacity to use vicious tactics against anyone who runs against them in an election race.  Many a council meeting, or caucus meeting has seen screaming matches and people acting like complete buffoons.  Where is the press to give equal treatment to all politicians?

The press seems to stand back and only pick and choose who they plan to skewer.  That’s where I have a big hairy problem with this.   Go hang out in down town Ottawa, or Toronto or Quebec City and friend up some of the journalists in the area.  Be prepared to be told just how many mucky mucks over the years, had terrible boozing problems.  A sitting Prime Minister is rumored to have been in need of rehab.  More than a few were boozers and womanizers.  Others have had questionable friendships with some nefarious characters.  Had photos been published about with whom our illustrious politicians were having lunch, or pictures published of a spouse who was bombed at 2 in the afternoon, many more political careers would have been turned into the spectacle we are seeing with this Rob Ford saga.

One only has to sit in some of the higher end restaurants in Ottawa and pay attention to who is around you.  A senator here, an MP there, a city politician or two with more than a few shots of scotch under their belts at 2 in the afternoon.

Again I’ll say it.  Rob Ford, get help.  You have a good fiscal vision.  It’s getting lost in this circus.  To the Toronto press, quit picking and choosing who you impale, and quit playing favorites along clearly political lines.


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