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Knockout Game Depravity.

November 21, 2013 |

Attrib-NBC New York The knockout game popularity has been gaining momentum over the last few years.   What started out as phenomenon in New Jersey, primarily against Jewish people, has been reported in Chicago, Milwaukee and Brooklyn.  It’s a game where spineless thugs target innocent bystanders.  They simply walk up to unsuspecting victims and drill a hay maker or sucker punch into the side of their targets’ head.  The objective of the game is to knock someone out with one punch.  “The One Hitter Quitter”.   A variation of the game is to try to taser a victim.

There have been 4 deaths attributed to this “game”.

This game is for kicks, for shits and giggles.  Well isn’t that sweet.  An increasing segment of our teenagers have become so depraved, that they think it’s OK to walk up to a random stranger and basically assault them for points with their homies.

A few various news networks have interviewed random youths on the streets and it’s striking that the youths seem less than horrified.  They instead take time to explain the object of the game, the objects of the target, in such a matter of fact tone.

A homeless man was killed by this game by a group of 3, who at their tender age of 14, deemed it OK to assault a random stranger as if it was as insignificant as killing a mosquito.

Another man, Delfino Mora, a 62-year-old father of 12, was killed in an alley as he picked up pop cans.  This by a group of teens again who’s families claim they are good kids.  There is some justice however one of  the perpetrators, a 19 year old have been sentenced to 30 years for the assault.  The other two thugs are still awaiting trial.

One of the more recent thugs actually got his comeuppance when he actually got shot by his intended victim.  The victim was a licensed carrier of a fire arm in Lansing.  This thug unfortunately has only sentenced to 1 year in jail.  Watch the video and the teen admits to 6 or 7 other assaults.

It has to make one wonder – what would make anyone actually just do this for “fun”.  What kind of morality, or lack of it has been instilled in a person who thinks it’s acceptable to simply assault someone for sheer recreation?  The brave new world.


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