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Lack Of Faith In Canadian Justice System

February 17, 2014 |

gavelSo Canadians don’t have much faith in our system.  Not surprising.  Anyone who’s had the misfortune of being the victim of a crime can attest to the criminal centric system.

An Internal Justice Department report says Canadians have little confidence in the courts and the prison system — and the best way to counter those perceptions is through education.  They claim we as Canadians simply lack the understanding of the court and correction system’s mandate.

You see,… this study says we, the people are wrong.  When we see the perpetual hug a thug, catch and release program, over and over, it is we that are wrong.  We’re just simply not seeing it correctly.

We are wrong when we see people who break bail after bail condition with no penalty.  We are wrong when we see drunk drivers who have plowed down people, destroyed lives and spend less than 2 years in jail.   Of course we’re wrong when see people on their 20th conviction for whatever crime, out walking the streets. We are of course also knuckle dragging Neanderthals and dead wrong when we scowl at such lunacy as it being necessary to take cultural sensitivities of the criminal.

As I peruse other like minded blogs and facebook groups, often from other countries such as Australia, the US, the UK etc, the lack of faith in the system is consistent, regardless of country.  The complaints about the system also sound eerily similar.  So remind me again, how WE as Canadians are the problem?

One only has to look at the long delays for the trials that make the papers or cases where 17 year old already career criminals get the benefit of the Youth Justice System and disproportionately lax sentences.  In other words, a slap in the wrist and a teddy bear.

Then there’s the whole issue of concurrent sentences and three for one accumulated bonuses for time off sentences etc.  The system leaves the victim victimized over and over.  Additional victims often are simply inconvenient add ons where no real penalty is ever suffered by the criminal for their added crimes.

The criminal judges have taken on the role of compassionate social workers to the detriment of society at large.  One judge in a sensational violent case in an Ontario courtroom wished everyone to “have a good summer” during their summer recess.   I doubt the parents of the terrorized victim had a great summer.

If that’s not bad enough, ask those who have had the misfortune to be in the perpetually biased Family Court system.  That whole cottage industry is a farce where the good of the children is seldom the outcome.

We are not the problem.  The court system is broken.   Trying to put lipstick and some fluttery glitter on it doesn’t change anything.  Our perceptions are not the problem.  It’s still broken.


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