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Legitimizing prostitution – when pigs fly.

December 19, 2013 |

Prostitutes_attrib_winnipegfreepressSo let me get this straight.  Prostitution is basically a victimless crime between consenting adults.  Talk about idiotic blather!  It’s safe to say that biker gangs, various ethnic gangs and organized crime make a huge chunk of money by preying on young vulnerable people, many who are usually drug addicted and have underlying mental health issues.  It’s pure human slavery plain and simple.

Let’s also talk for a second about a certain segment of the population who NEVER get mentioned in this discussion.  The wife.  Yes, the wife.  Of course if we’re to listen to the big brains that call for the legitimization of prostitution, we are led to believe that it is only single and consenting, albeit lonely, men that frequent said prostitutes.  Victimless crime with no inherent hazard goes the mantra. That is fantasy land.

Of course in such a free thinking society, all husbands are so open and honest with their wives, that they would of COURSE tell their wife that they had just visited a prostitute.  Of COURSE they would be so open and honest as to tell their spouse that they should protect themselves from various STDs now that their loving honest husband has visited a prostitute.  Of course such enlightened men in our utopian progressive society would no doubt also inform their partners that they should engage in regular STD testing for the rest of their lives, because they’ll probably use the services of a prostitute again in the future.  And of course all men are so progressive that they are completely  honest with their wives about their inability to utilize basic self control and refrain from sexual activity with a segment of the population who can carry an overabundance of transmittable diseases.  So of course the utopian progressives want to sell us the bill of goods that this is all between consenting adults and no one gets hurt.  The “sex trade” it’s called.  How mainstream.  It’s a victimless crime, we’re told. Sure.  And pigs fly.

So while the wife is home feeding their kids, the other is out engaging in an activity that can carry a life altering or deadly disease.  Anyone who thinks for ONE second that a the wife is going to be informed about the potential for contracting a STD and is a a willing, consenting participant, is again living in fantasy land.  The proponents would like to mislead the public into thinking that only lonely single men frequent their so called “service”.  Nonsense, pure and complete nonsense.

And folks, it happens.   A wife contracts vaginal herpes or warts, syphilis or HIV.  A person,… the wife…yes…the wife… through no fault of her own, has their life altered forever they have secretly been given an irreversible or deadly disease.  Marriages break down.  Kid’s lives are irretrievable changed as well.   No one gets hurt.  Totally victimless. Yep.  Sure. And let me say it again… And pigs fly!

Let me also wonder aloud why bars and other legitimate businesses are required to have liability insurance, real estate agents and brokerages have errors and omission insurance,  all legitimate businesses carry business insurance in the event your are injured in their place of business, but prostitutes do not carry liability insurance?  If it’s such a legitimate profession, it begs the question:  will prostitutes be required to carry a liability insurance policy? Are prostitutes going to have valid liability insurance in case they pass on a disease to their clients? Again, what about the innocent spouse who may also catch a disease?  Will their clients and unwitting spouses have recourse to sue and place a claim for medical expenses, marital breakdown, loss of wages?  Will the prostitutes’ liability insurance be there for recourse due to their defective,…cough…service?  Again as I said, when pigs fly.  There is absolutely nothing legitimate about prostitution.



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  1. Jim McCaskill says:

    “So let me get this straight. Prostitution is basically a victimless crime
    between consenting adults. Talk about
    idiotic blather! It’s safe to say that
    biker gangs, various ethnic gangs and organized crime make a huge chunk of
    money by preying on young vulnerable people, many who are usually drug addicted
    and have underlying mental health issues.
    It’s pure human slavery plain and simple.”

    Prostitution ranges from the drug addict on the street corner turning tricks for their next hit, to the innocent woman trafficked across borders by criminal elements to college students trying to pay tuition to a person who finds themselves short on the rent to the escort Elliot Spitzer was caught frequenting (who charged $1000/hour). To paint prostitution as the province of gangsters and criminals is to paint a partial picture. Focusing on the criminal elements perpetrating the worst forms of prostitution and declaring that indicative of the entire institution is to doom any attempt to combat those criminal elements to failure from the start. Prostitution takes many forms and is one of the oldest continuing practices in human society. Prostitution has survived every prohibition and punishment thrown at it for 4000 years. Continued prohibition serves only to make prostitution lucrative for the criminal element within society (a lesson we seemed doomed to learn over and over again). Why is prostitution lucrative for biker gangs, ethnic gangs and organized crime? Because of the flawed laws surrounding prostitution, laws that do nothing to stop the demand for prostitutes and their services. Allow that demand to be fulfilled via a legitimate option and the operations of the bikers, gangsters and organized crime cease to be lucrative. Out of the shadows the treatment of women engaged in prostitution can be better dealt with by society’s institutions and standards adopted and enforced to protect the women engaged in prostitution from the risks
    associated with the sex trade and protection from the worst predators such as Robert Pickton.

    To the issue of the wives of unfaithful husbands (which ignores the issue of women who seek the services of male prostitutes), this is not much different from a husband (or wife) who cheats on their spouse with a co-worker, the babysitter or some one-night stand on a trip out of town. Undoubtedly if one’s spouse is seeking the services of a prostitute than one’s marriage has some serious issues it may or may not survive. However I fail to see how the current laws or even outright prohibition will protect someone from an STD contracted
    by an unfaithful spouse. If anything a bringing prostitution out of the shadows
    and away from the criminal element would protect a husband/wife whose spouse was availing themselves of the service of prostitutes by allowing mandatory standards to be enforced such as frequent and regular STD tests. The criminal element has little or no incentive to warn clients or spouses who may be exposed to STDs, a legitimate operation would have to be concerned with not only criminal charges but a civil law suit as well if they were complicit in
    the spread of STDs. Further a legitimate operation would have to be much more
    concerned with 1) who they hired to provide sex (addicts, the mentally ill and
    those who fail screening for STDs are too big a liability for a legitimate business)
    and 2) who they provided sex to (forcing clients to undergo testing and/or turning
    away any client they felt was unsafe).

    “The proponents would like to mislead the public into
    thinking that only lonely single men frequent their so called “service”.”

    The author of this piece would like to mislead the reader that prostitution takes one and only one form. Tellingly these proponents who seek to mislead the public go unnamed. If one seeks to vent ones fury on straw men than who am I to criticize? However those who truly wish to mitigate the harm that society incurs from prostitution would do well to avoid such straw men.

    “And folks, it happens.
    A wife contracts vaginal herpes or warts, syphilis or HIV. A person,… the wife…yes…the wife… through no
    fault of her own, has their life altered forever they have secretly been given
    an irreversible or deadly disease.
    Marriages break down. Kid’s lives
    are irretrievable changed as well. No
    one gets hurt. Totally victimless.
    Yep. Sure. And let me say it again… And
    pigs fly!”

    Again if a legitimate form of prostitution where offered
    much of the harm could be mitigated if not outright eliminated. In fact for all
    her ranting about the harm done to the wife by an unfaithful husband (ignoring
    that the reverse is possible) the author of this piece seems to be advocating
    policies that would do nothing to mitigate the spread of STDs to spouses by
    unfaithful spouses, and given the historical resilience of prostitution (has it
    ever not been with us in one form or another) might actually increase the spread
    of STDs to unwitting spouses. Since the author refuses to propose what can be
    done about prostitution (other than it shouldn’t be legitimized whatever that
    means after several thousand years of history behind it), one is unsure of what
    her alternative would look like. To her points about marital breakdown and
    damage done to children, this is a result of infidelity. Not necessarily prostitution,
    and will sadly continue even if prostitution where to vanish tomorrow. This
    also raises an interesting side question of how involved the state should be in
    the raising of your children or the maintenance of your marriage. Once
    prostitution is dealt with shall we make infidelity illegal? Or perhaps make
    annual checkups mandatory for your children as well as schools monitoring their
    caloric intake? How about making sure their bedtime story is preapproved?
    Instead of bemoaning the poor spouse might I suggest that we treat marriage
    with a tad more respect and take the time to build bonds of trust between
    husband and wife? For husband and wife to continuously work to fulfill each
    others emotional and physical needs? To create and maintain open and honest
    communication between both parties? The authors portrait of the poor suffering
    wife seems to designed to remove all responsibility from the woman about who
    she decides to marry and have children with. This is not to say that every
    woman who has ever been cheated on should have seen it coming, but to claim
    that every woman who has ever been cheated on couldn’t have seen it coming is a stretch. For example I once knew a guy who cheated on his girlfriend, she found out and left him, he hooked up with the girl he had been cheating with.
    Surprise, surprise after a while she found out he was cheating on her and professed to be totally shocked by this.

    Well the Supreme Court of Canada’s recent decision regarding
    prostitution is, in my opinion, the right one it does not go far enough. We
    have placed prostitution in the worst possible situation in regards to its potential
    negative effects, where prostitution is in effect both legal and illegal. This
    should be remedied ASAP. Well I hold full legalization as the way to go, manly
    for the above mentioned reasons regarding regulation and harm reduction, I also recognize that an outright ban on prostitution would be preferable to the
    situation we have now. Speaking for myself I shall reiterate, legalization and
    regulation is the way to go. This will not eliminate abusive forms of prostitution such as sex slavery and child prostitution, it will however remove a major source of income for the criminal element and free up police and legal resources to go after those who practice sex slavery.

    • megamelbur says:

      Aside from all that has been stated….if a married man is successfully sneaking around on his wife visiting prostitutes, what about the financial impact? Its that much less cash for high energy costs, food, insurances and all the other crap life throws at us. Also.. some men are opportunists regardless how much they love their wives and families and will still indulge. It is a tawdry scheme – can’t call it a business seeing as it isn’t taxed enough with billable hours, compensation or EI contributions or CPP contributions, workers comp. So when these hoes get all dried up and aged they will reap from hard working canadians in their pension years. Might as well thumb their noses a and live off the welfare system now – wait a minute – many do. It’s an irresponsible “livelihood” and encourages youth and women to not even attempt to push themselves into any kind of education with legitimate transferable skills to hold a job. I see them as too lazy to get educated or get a real job and become fruitful contributors to our country. There should be no place for prostitutes in Canada. Ask one of them to pay into legitimate payroll deductions and see what you get. They don’t give a rats ass who they are hurting…just keep putting money in their diseased hands. No, we don’t need hoes around here…we already have a provincial government for that.