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LMAO Quote of the Day

January 24, 2015 |

lmao quote of the dayThis really does qualify as LMAO quote of the day:

Justin Trudeau while talking to a reporter in Windsor stated: I think one of the big important things is that local Liberals get to choose who their representative is going to be.

How…utterly revolting.  This from a party who at quick count has over 7 controversies over parachuted candidates and rigged funny business to cancel other candidates.   And that was just a quick net search.

Funny thing is, the old rule in Canadian politics still seems to apply – “Tell a lie often enough and it will become the truth.”  In the age of 6 second attention spans and gloss readers who take just headlines as the truth of any given story, it’s really a clever and predicable tactic by those who want power and don’t care how they have to get it.

It also goes further, even amid horrendous scandal and horrendous political record, the Ontario Liberals proved that you can fool an awful lot of people and still get yourself elected.  The Liberals at the Fed level are also banking on it.

So even though the ridings of: Ottawa-Orleans, Don Valley North, Bay of Quinte, Ville-Marie/Ile Des Soeurs, Vancouver Granville, Trinity-Spadina and Brantford-Brant have left many Liberal faithful frustrated, the big Kahoona keeps claiming he’s all about openness in the party.  Being truthful simply does not matter anymore, clearly.

The Huff has a story about the not so open process, as does the National Post, the CBC, the Ottawa Citizen and the Brantford Expositor.

I suspect that even though this is my first blog LMAO quote of the day, it won’t be the last.


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