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Lying Politicians

December 3, 2014 |

zap collar meme

It seems that there is not a day that goes by where there isn’t an insane number of stories in the news that show politicians flat out lying to the public.

Frankly it’s exhausting at times.  What’s also sad, is that we’ve come to expect our politicians to lie to us.  Many shrug their shoulders and say, what can you do?  They’re all the same.

While many years back that may not have been as true, I fear as the years go on, more and more of those seeking office or have obtained a position of power are “all the same”.  It seems for every good guy, there seems to be at least 5 others who are just plain ruthless and deceiving.

There used to be checks and balances in the system.  That system though has slowly been eroded and twisted to favor those who are the most artful in deception.

What high functioning narcissists (and those who protect them) know, is that if you can tell a lie with complete impunity, without consequence,   there is absolutely nothing preventing them from telling as many lies as they wish to “protect” their position of power.

Those around them also learn how to be selectively deceptive with wording and have honed the art on how to duck and skate questions they simply do not wish to address.

In a moment where I let my sense of humor get the best of me, I came up with the idea that maybe all politicians should have to wear lie detector zap collars.  Oh what fun we would have pointing a nice infrared dongle at them and have the luxury of giving them a little truth serum zap when needed.

If only!


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