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Madi Vanstone deserves better

March 5, 2014 |

healthcardA  12 year old girl went to Queens Park with her friends and fellow students on Monday.

They went to speak with Premier Non-elect, Kathleen Wynne to impress upon her and her fellow Liberals to fund a drug that is life saving.  It’s a plea that fell on deaf ears.

Madi Vanstone suffers from a rare form of Cystic Fibrosis.  The drug she needs is called Kalydeco, which helps her battle this dreadful disease and with it, she is symptom free.  That means she can breathe.

Kathleen Wynne informed Madi, her friends and her mother that the hold-up is because the Ontario Government cannot get a satisfactory negotiated price with the company, for the drug.  She subsequently put the blame on the provincial consortium out of Alberta and the company for not coming to an agreement.

In other words, they, the Liberal government does not want to provide this drug because they can’t get a price to their liking. Clearly with such a stellar record of being good stewards with our tax payer money, the Liberals evidently feel it’s doing it’s universally applied due diligence to prevent unnecessary costs being passed on to the tax payer.  And if you believe that, I have a swamp I’d like to sell to you.

This so called thrifty government is very selective on what it wants to spend money on.  Let’s look at their record:  This “penny pinching” government thought nothing of allowing George Smitherman globe trot over to Korea and sign a 7 BILLION dollar secret deal with Samsung.  This “penny pinching” government signed windmill contracts that pay 7 to 10 times more than the going price to provide green energy.  This “penny pinching” government pays the same windmill and solar farms NOT to make power and sells our power produced by other means, for less than it costs us to make it.  At last count this fire-sale of “excess power” alone, is somewhere in the tune of a loss of 1.2 billion dollars to the Ontario tax payer.   Don’t forget that this “penny pinching” government had zero problem giving sweetheart golden handshakes to executive head honchos who fronted many of their Liberal boondoggles.

For those with the right political friends, there’s lot of money.  For Madi, not so much.  Are you angry yet?  You should be.

This is particularly rich from a Government who is also well aware that there are millions of dollars ripped off our health care system each and every month because of red card fraud and bogus medical “vacations” to Toronto.  This willingly turning a blind eye to the fraud amounts to thousands of people getting “for free” operations and medical care, on our dime.   This “free health care” works better for people who have no right to it nor have they (or will they) ever paid a cent to fund it.

There are people who do make money off this red card fraud though and that’s the people who rent them out for 1000 bucks at a time.  So, as someone from overseas gets off the plane, they can rent a red card and get top notch health care, all the while our own do without.   It’s a big underground industry, one that the provincial government is entirely aware.   One really has to ask why they choose to do virtually nothing about this, if they are such great stewards of our money.

Could it be because the areas in which this widespread fraud occurs, happens where there are Liberal voting enclaves who rent their card out to out of country family, friends and others?  Could it be that looking the other way helps maintain their voter base?  In a word, my answer is yes.   Considering the billions of dollars that have been pilfered by these marauders through their 10 years of mismanagement and outright incompetence, it suits their political aspirations to look the other way and let the lucrative red card underground economy continue in their Liberal voter areas.  A freebie on our dime is a bought vote for those who continue to let it happen.

You know, if it was a parent who refused to give a child that life saving drug, they would be prosecuted for child neglect, yet, our government is allowed to refuse to provide the same medicine and they get to shrug their shoulders and blame bureaucracy.  Heartless Liberal bastards, every last one of them.



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